• 2 Jul 14

    Featured VCE Jumper Design - Lalor North College Victoria

    Sometimes the most simple designs are also the most effective. That is definitely the case for the VCE Jumper we produced for Lalor North College students who were graduating in 2014. They opted for…

  • 27 May 14

    Custom Dance Jacket with Zip Off Sleeves

    Earlier this year we produced a custom jacket for LKM Dance Studios located in Springwood, NSW to wear on their USA Dance Tour and also as a uniform for the studio when they returned. If we had to…

  • 19 May 14

    Matching Year 12 Jerseys & Varsity Jackets

    For Class of 2014 we found that our matching varsity jackets and varsity cardigans were a very popular combo order that many schools placed. For Class of 2015 we have started to see a new trend…

  • 13 May 14

    Central Dance Department Custom Varsity Jackets

    We absolutely love it when our clients take the time to send us positive feedback and especially photos of their students wearing the jackets we have made for them. Below are some fantastic photos…

  • 6 May 14

    Year 12 Jersey Voting Card Templates available for download

    At Exodus Wear we work with Year Coordinators on a daily basis and we know the additional workload involved when students get into Year 11 and 12. Not only are there the Year 12 Jerseys to organise…

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