Bossley Park High School

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For the Bossley Park High School Year 12 students graduating in 2010 we produced a custom baseball jacket.

* School emblem embroidered left chest
* Personalised name embroidered under school emblem
* School letters applied as applique on right chest
* Applique number on back with text embroidery on top of the applique
* Heat transfer nickname applied above applique number
* All Exodus garments come with an Exodus woven tag, zipper puller and neck-tape so you know when you are buying a genuine product.


Custom Year 12 Jerseys, Year 12 Jackets, Year 12 Jumper, Year 12 Baseball Jackets (also known as Year 12 Varsity Jackets), 

VCE Jumpers and Year 12 Hoodies. Our garments are also available for Sporting Teams and Dance Schools. 


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