Coming up with the perfect fundraiser for your school can be challenging as you want to raise money in the most efficient and appealing way possible. Well we’ve got you covered with a list of 12 great fundraising ideas for your school that will have you raising money in no time!

  1. Trivia Night
    Host a trivia night held in the school gym or hall, and fundraise through entry ticket prices. Promoting first, runner up and third place prizes will gain an audience that are motivated to participate and be competitive. Having food stalls will allow people to eat and socialise before, during and after the trivia, and all proceeds will go towards to school. You can also have randomised seating or allow friends or family members to team up at each table. Trivia categories can include but aren’t limited to:
    – General Knowledge
    – Movies and TV
    – Music
    – Pop Culture
    – Geography
    – Sports


  2. Bake Stall Sale
    Send out an open invitation to all bakers and dessert connoisseurs (whether staff, students or parents) to share their culinary skills by baking their best creation! Anything from cupcakes, cookies, cakes, macarons, any dessert or pastry that will gain people’s attention! The bake sale can be open to the entire school and students will donate a gold coin to receive a dessert of their choice and vote on which one deserves to win. The winning dessert will get a prize and so too will the runner up and third prize places.

  3. Cadbury Fundraising
    One of the most popular and successful fundraising ideas has to be the Cadbury Chocolate Fundraising Boxes! You probably remember seeing them during both your primary and high school days, and have witnessed how quickly they are bought and eaten (because let’s face it, everyone loves chocolate). With each box purchase, you are guaranteed to make a potential profit of $20 and over (depending on the type of box you purchase). Head over to their website to find out more!


  4. Free Dress Up Day
    The one thing that gets students excited, is being able to leave their uniform at home and rock up to school in their own clothes. Host a free dress up day where students are able to dress up in any category the school chooses (fancy, movie/TV show themed, book, sports, celebrity) and each student are to bring a gold coin donation to fundraise for the school.


  5. Raffle Draw
    Host a raffle draw throughout the school where students and teachers can purchase raffle tickets. Promote major, runner up and third place prizes, and shout a friendly reminder that the more raffle tickets each student buys, the more it increases their chance of being a winner! Announce the winners in the school newsletter or email.


  6. Movie night
    Host a movie night in the school gym or hall. Set up chairs and have popcorn and snack stalls where students can purchase food and have the proceeds fundraised for the school. Prior to the movie night, gather volunteers to help run the night and generate a student poll to see which is the most popular movie choice students wish to see.


  7. Sponsored Colour Fun Run/Walk-a-thon
    Inspired by the Colour Run Australia, host a sponsored colour fun run on the school oval, where each student can get sponsored by family and friends for participating. At certain intervals along the route students will be thrown coloured powder of all colours of the rainbow. Ensure coloured powder is skin safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easily washable. You can contact….. for their own exclusive holi coloured powder. Have prizes for students who keep going till the very end, and the ones of the most sponsors. Set up drink and snack stalls to maintain students energy and motivation!
  8. Sausage Sizzle
    Everyone loves a good sausage sizzle, and you’ve mostly likely seen one at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Gather some volunteers to sizzle up some sausages and onions for the BBQ, and students can pay x amount per sausage.


  9. School Dance
    Host a school dance in the school hall. Extend an open invitation to all students, parents, staff, and the wider community. Call for volunteers to help run the night, and fundraise through entry ticket prices, raffles, silent/blind auctions, and food concession sales. Hire a DJ and a photo both so everyone can take home photo memorabilia’s as they dance the night away!


  10. Guess How Many
    Fill a giant jar with jellybeans, gummy bears, m&m’s – anything yummy! Students can pay x amount to write down their guess for how many they think is in the jar, and the winning student or closest to the actual amount will get the jar as their prize! Announce the winner over the school’s intercom and the student can collect it at the student office.


  11. School Carnival/Fete
    Host a carnival/fete at your school oval and extend an invitation to all students, friends, family and the wider community. Your school can hire a variety of amusement rides, set up game stalls with prizes for winners, and food concession stands.  Money can be fundraised through ticket ride prices, games and food.


  12. Talent Night
    Host a talent show in the school hall and extend an open invitation for all students and the wider community to showcase their talents in music, dance, theatre and comedy! Fundraise through entry ticket prices and food concession stands for intermissions. Allow the audience to vote for their favourite act and provide prizes for the first, second and third place winners.

So which of these fundraisers appealed most to you? This is a limited list as there are many more fundraising ideas! If you’re interested in finding a more extensive list head over to Fundraising Directory