Luckily, we’re part of a generation of people who are always finding new ways to express themselves and share their creations. Instagram has been a big part of this and has opened up brand new opportunities that have never existed before. There are now thousands of people who are finding ways to make Instagram and social media a part of their careers.

It’s not just the young adults that are taking advantage of this. There are heaps of under-18’s who are killing the Instagram scene. These teens are talented, inspirational and worth the follow. We’ve summarised the accounts in a few sentences to give you an idea of who they are.

So here are our top 20 teenage Instagrammers!

1. Brendan Jordan

For makeup, fashion and dancing to Lady Gaga. (17)


2. Gabi Shull

An inspirational young cheerleader and dancer with a prosthetic leg. (15)


3. Amandla Stenberg

Actress and activist. Rue from Hunger Games. (18)

it's cool to care!

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4. Willow Smith

Daughter of Will Smith. She makes music and talks social justice. (16)

❤️< @Rebeccasugar >❤️

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5. Alli Simpson

Younger sister of Cody Simpson. Definitely blonde and definitely beautiful. (18)

ready to attack the weekend!! hat's on & time to get groovy

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6. Elisha and Renee Herbert

This is a two-for-one! Twins from Australia who just happen to be models. You can find Renee in the tags. (17)


7. Jules Spector

Teen feminist. Speaking out about important social issues! So awesome. (15)


8. Alana Smith

A young, female pro skater. (16)

Photo:| @namchivan @mahfia_tv | ✨

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9. Tina

Delicious food goodness. (18)

Blueberry smoothie+homemade almond granola+ coconut yoghurt and figs

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10. Hailey Luntz

Gorgeous illustrations and artworks.

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11. Luis R. Ruiz

Draws amazing cartoons and has really good hair. Kind of cheating here… (20)


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12. James Charles

Covergirl’s new cover boy. Better at makeup than everyone, ever. (17)


13. Bretman Rock

Is actually really funny and has good eyebrows. (18)


14. Josie Canseco

Another model killing the game. (19)


15. Jannik Obenhoff

Takes incredible photos of dreamy landscapes. (16)

@davidnkollmann enjoying the sunrise at lake Plansee.

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16. Maddie Ziegler

The phenomenal dancer from Dance Moms. Also mini-Sia. (14)


17. Cindy Kimberly

Got a shout out from Justin Bieber then became insta-famous. (17)


18. Alex Hayes

Typical Australian adventurer currently travelling the world. Nice eyes. (18)


19. Heath Kirley

Unique and colourful Australian creator and artist. (15)


20. Chloe and Halle

Opened for Beyonce on her most recent tour. No big deal. (18 and 16)


So what do you think? Did you find anything new?

We hope that you found some new accounts to follow that will inspire and encourage you to keep being creative and being yourself. We wanted to feature a whole range of people from those that are famous, to those who prefer to remain faceless. Instagram is a great app that allows you to just share your life, thoughts and creations. It’s also a valuable way to document memories!

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See you over there!