Although 2012 hasn’t even started we have been busy designing and producing garments for the Class of 2012 so that the students can have their garments as soon as they start the school year. Although it will be boiling hot to the point that the kids won’t be able to wear their jackets straight away we are still more than happy to deliver early so that if there is the occasional cool day you have your jacket ready to wear.

Our 2012 gallery of designs includes photos of all the pre-production samples we are currently working on for the Class of 2012 or to be delivered in 2012. We try to include as many photos of possible of the garment from every angle so that you can get lots of ideas. If you are unsure of what customisation has been used just read through the product features because we list each of the decoration methods used on the garments. Our gallery of designs if a great resource if you are looking for year 12 jersey ideas.

2012 is set to be a great year and we are so excited with all the designs we have been working on; these are our favourites so far:

Blakehurst High School


What we love about this design is how they picked our polyestor material so that we could dye the colour design into the fabric but that used the pattern of a baseball jacket. I have a feeling this will be a popular option for schools who want the look and feel of the baseball jacket but with a more colourful design.

Chifley College Senior Campus


Instead of using the lining for a photo or text this school decided to print their school emblem and school name over and over again like a pattern. This has made the jacket look like it is part of a clothing line and reminds us of the Louis Vuitton repeat print.

James Busby High School


Most of our baseball jackets will have a number on the back but most schools will only put ’12’ so it was great to see a design that still incorporates the number but looks a little bit different.

Menai High School



The red and black combination really stands out and instead of doing the sleeves in white which is what most schools choose they decided to make them blackwhich ties in really well with the bands and keyline around the letters and number.

Redskins Basketball Club


The club wanted to create a jacket that would be consistent for a number of years so as new players joined the club they would be able to purchase one. They have an amazing club logo so we decided to feature it and print it on the back panel of the lining.

Tempe High School


This school choose to incorporate both lining options by having a group photo on the back panel and the students names on the side panels. That way there were no arguments over trying to decide between the names or photo.

There are plenty more ideas you could use for your own school’s design so check out of 2012 Gallery of Designs now!