The millennial generation has grown up immersed in the realm of technology, as almost everyone has their own mobile phone and laptop. The renowned social media industry has been the cornerstone in creating an internet culture based on new terminology and slang, which makes up a predominate amount of millennial dialogue and vocabulary. As there are new terms being conjured up each day, inevitably it’s hard to keep up with progressive nature of the internet. So here I’ve compiled a list of the most used Social Media slang words for 2016 so you can keep yourself in the loop with what’s #hotfire and #lit right now.


2016 Guide to Social Media Slang



  • RN:
    Shortened version for “right now”

    • Example: “i’m just so tired rn”


  • SMH: 
    Shortened version for “shaking my head”, describing disappointment in someone or something

    •  Example: “they got rid of my favourite flavour smh”~
  •  IMO/IMHO:
    Shortened version of “in my opinion” / “in my humble opinion”, describing the expression of your own opinion on a certain topic

    • Example: “yeah that game sucks, imo”~
  • IRL:
    Shortened version of “in real life”, describing the real world and not the online world.

    • Example: “i would never talk to them irl”~
  • TBH
    Shortened version of “to be honest”, meaning to expression ones honest opinion

    • Example: “Tbh I liked the other top on you”
  • BTW
    Shortened version of “by the way”, meaning to seek further information

    • Example: “Oh btw what time’s the movie again?”~
  • TY:
    Shortened version of “thank you”

    • Example: “Ty for the message


  • DM/PM:
    Shortened version of “direct message” / “private message”

    • Example: “Just pm me if you’re interested”~
  • BRB:
    Shortened version of “be right back”, used when you need to do something quickly

    • Example: “Yeah I’m just having dinner right now, brb”~
  • TTYL:
    Shortened version of “talk to you later”, a way of ending the conversation and picking it back up again after

    • Example: “I just got to work so ttyl”~
  • IDK:
    Stands for “i don’t know”

    • Example: “Yeah idk why, but she’s been acting a bit off lately”~
  • FOMO:
    Stands for “fear of missing out”, to express ones fear about missing out on something great, usually a party

    • Example: “I’m so tired from work but I’ve got FOMO so I’ll go to the party with you”~
  •  JK:
    Stands for “just kidding” or abbreviated as “joke”

    • Example: “Jk, jk! You know I love you”~
  • DW:
    Stands for “don’t worry”

    • Example: “Dw about it, it’s not a big deal”~
  • OTP:
    Stands for “one true pairing”, describing ones emotional investment in a couple

    • Example: “Beyoncé and Jay Z are my OTP”


  • Ppl:
    Shortened version of “people”

    • Example: “How many ppl are gonna be at the party?”~

  •  Srsly:
    Shortened version of “seriously”

    • Example: “No srsly tell me the truth”
  • Y:
    Shortened version of “why”

    • Example: “Y are you being like that?”
  • Tho:
    Shortened version of “though”

    • Example: “y tho?”
  • V:
    Shortened version of “very”

    • Example: “Yeah it was v good”
  • Bc:
    Shortened version of “because”

    • Example: “Just bc I don’t want things to be awkward”
  • Pls:
    Shortened version of “please”

    • Example: “Pls tell me you’re joking?”
  • Sus:
    Shortened version of “suspect” or “suspicious”, describing a situation/someone as shady 

    • Example: “Just try to sus him out and see how he is”


  • Ship:
    Shortened version of “relationship”, describing ones adamancy in pairing two people in a relationship

    • Example: “I ship them so hard”


  • A1:
    Praising something/someone

    • Example: “That food was A1!”~
  • Ugh:
    Expressing ones disappointment or disgust in someone/something

    • Example: “Ugh I’m so over this drama”


  • Snatched:
    Describing something that looks amazing and on point. Snatched is the new fleek. It’s used to describe anything that looks really good or on point.

    • Example: “Girl your outfit is snatched”


  • Savage:
    Expressing someone who doesn’t care about the consequences of their actions; describing something brutally said or done

    • Example: “Dude that was so savage of her to say”


  • Roast:
    The act of mocking or humiliating someone with a comeback or joke

    • Example: “My friends roasted me because I couldn’t ask that girl for her number”~
  • Lit:
    Expressing hype, excitement or praise

    • Example: “The party was so lit!”

  • Squad:
    Describing your group of best friends who regularly see each other

    • Example: “Let’s go with the whole squad”~
  • Fleek:
    Describing something on point, often referring to eyebrows

    • Example: “Your brows are on fleek!”~
  • Legit:
    Describing something real and true

    • Example: “No this is legit, I’m not kidding” ~


  • Basic:
    Describing any person, place or activity extremely simple in nature

    • Example: “She’s so basic”

  • Clapback:
    Throwing a comeback to someone who dissed you, with more attitude than what was received

    • Example: “Did you see Rihanna’s clapback on Instagram?”

  • Yaass:
    Exaggerated version of “yes”, expressing ones excitement and approval

    • Example: “Yaass, girl your makeup!”


  • Slay/slayed:
    To express something beyond amazing and perfect

    • Example: “Ariana’s performance at the AMA’s slayed me”~
  • Fierce:
    Expressing something of exceptional quality

    • Example: “Your outfit! So fierce!”
  • Sass/sassy:
    Quality of being impudent and giving someone attitude

    • Example: “Rihanna is the Queen of sass”

  • Flawless:
    Describing something without any flaws; perfect.

    • Example: “Beyoncé is literally so flawless”

  • Salty:
    Expressing anger, annoyance or bitterness over someone or a situation

    • Example: “I’m still so salty about what happened last week”
  • Meme:
    Describing a funny image or video that can be spread virally by social media users who may edit and create different versions of it.

    • Example: “Dude did you see those Arthur memes?


  • Feels:
    Describing an overwhelming wave of emotions

    • Example: “Watching The Notebook always gives me all the feels”


  • Preach:
    Expressing encouragement to someone giving great advice

    • Example: “Preach it girl, you said it right”


  • Fam:
    Describing a close friend you consider like your family

    • Example: “Night fam, talk to you tomorrow” ~
  • Woke:
    Describing someone being aware and conscious of current events and pop culture

    • Example: “Stay woke, dude. You gotta keep up with all this”

  • Fire:
    Describing something of excellent quality

    • Example: “Bruno’s new album is hot fire”


  • Straight up:
    Describing something as real and right

    • Example: “Straight up the best album I’ve heard in so long” ~
  • Zero chill:
    Expressing ones inability to be calm or rational

    • Example: “I’ve got zero chill with the drama happening right now”

  • Throwing shade:
    Dissing someone in a subtle or obvious manner

    • Example: “Rihanna was throwing serious shade on Twitter”

  • Bye Felicia:
    A phrase said when you no longer care about the presence of a person or nature of a situation; originating from the 1995 movie “Friday” starring Ice Cube.

    • Example: “Alright, bye Felicia”



  • #Blessed
    Expressing ones gratitude for someone or something

    • Example: “New car. #Blessed”


  • #Tbt
    Acronym for “Throw back Thursday”, used to reference to an image from the past

    • Example: “#TBT to my trip to New York”~


  • #OOTD

    Acronym for “outfit of the Day”~

  • #OOTN
    Acronym for “outfit of the night”


  • #YOLO
    Acronym for “you only live once”, describing a typically dangerous activity you should be doing. Originating from Drake’s 2011 song “The Motto”.

    • Example: “Yeah I know the consequences, but #yolo”


  • #Goals
    Describing ones admiration for something or someone

    • Example: “You guys are #relationshipgoals”~


  • #WCW
    Acronym for “woman crush wednesday”, where Instagram users share photos of the women who they admire or have a crush on, every Wednesday.


  • #MCM
    Acronym for “man crush monday”, where Instagram users share photos of the men who they admire or have a crush on, every Monday.


  • #Fitspo
    Describing ones admiration and inspiration for a healthy or active lifestyle


  • #TransformationTuesday
    Describing ones fitness journey, comparing a current photo of ones body to a previous one


  • #nofilter
    Describing a photo produced without the use of Instagram filters


Hopefully you’ve learnt some new words that you can use next time you’re chatting to a friend! Head on over to Urban Dictionary – your go-to online dictionary for all new and up to date slang terms and meanings.


2016 Guide to Social Media Slang