Let the names begin

Image: hungergames.wikia

Image: hungergames.wikia

If you’re like us and LOVE the movies, have read the books over a bajillion times, and want to take your tribute status to the next level, then why not do it with a Hunger Games inspired nickname on your Year 12 jersey!

These fiery ideas are guaranteed to get you the Flickerman grin of approval. But hurry, they’ll go faster than you can shout, ‘I volunteer as tribute!’


Ideas for the tribute

Girl on Fire / Boy on Fire






Sweetheart – Haymitch’s nickname for Miss Everdeen

Catching Fire



Little Duck


For the team player

Team Peeta

Team Gale

Team Finnick

Mrs Hawthorne

Mrs Mellark

Sugar Cube?

Image: fanforum.com

Image: fanforum.com


Team Trinket


Tracker Jacker

Team Haymitch



Team Cinna

Mahogany! – A tribute to Effie’s famous phrase


For the inner rebel – show the Capitol who’s boss!

I Volunteer

District 12

Free Panem

Panem Rebel

Against Odds

Hope Over Fear

May the Odds


Fire Melts Snow


For the allies (aka you and your bff)

Mockingjay / Jabberjay

Tribute 1 / Tribute 2

Team Peeta / Team Gale

Wiress / Beetee

Glimmer / Gloss

Squad 451 – the ‘Star Squad’ formed to take down President Snow


Remember, our jerseys allow up to 15 characters with symbols, so if you can think of your own Games inspired symbol idea, we’d love to hear it – and may the odds be ever in your favour!

For more help with your Year 12 nickname head over to our Nickname Generator and our community can help you pick a name.