Your Year 12 muck up photo is one of those photos that you will look back on in 50 years and it will make you smile when you remember all the great times you had at high school. Because it is such an important photo we think it is good to have some fun by using a theme. You will have your official Year 12 photo taken on school photo day and everyone will have to be perfectly lined up and looking the same. With your muck-up photo it is the chance to let everyone’s personalities shine through so get started early and see if you can get everyone to agree to one of the following themes:

1. Geek

This theme is really easy because you can still wear your school uniform but just ‘geek’ it out by adding a few basic accessories:

For Guys: Bow Ties, Suspenders, shirts tucked in, shorts worn high waisted, glasses, hair slicked back, vests

For Girls: Pig tails, knee high socks, mary janes, hair boys, cardigans. If you draw on freckles this also looks really cute.

2. Schools kids gone wild

This is another really easy theme because you are wearing school uniform and you are doing your muck-up photo on the same day as your formal school photo so it should be really easy to coordinate. Because everyone is standing on the tiered platform the formation is really good to make sure everyone is included. To go wild you need to make sure everyone moves around, uses their arms to hug their friends or lift them in the air, use your tie as a prop by tying it around your head of arm and move the name board from the front. This is a great example of a formal photo and then a muck-up photo below:



3. Military

Everyone at some stage in their life will own some form of clothing with camo print; it is a little bit embarrassing but true! You can also get old army uniforms from a lot of op shops so it is a really easy to do this theme:


4. What I want to be when I grow up

So much of your time in high school will be spent thinking about what you want to do when you leave high school and for the rest of the life. Your Year 12 exams will determine what you study at university or tafe or whether you will not continue onto further education at all. With this theme you get everyone to dress up as what they want to be when they leave school. Then at your 10 year reunion you can blow up the photo onto canvas and put it on an easel so that as everyone arrives they can mark next to their picture if that is what they are doing or not.

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5. Mix it Up

This theme is all about letting everyone’s individual personalities shine by letting them wear whatever they want. Whether it is their uniform or a full on costume you just get everyone together and have a lot of fun. We could look at this muck up photo of Bossley Park High School 1,000 times and we would still continue to see things for the first time. By allowing everyone the opportunity to be as creative as you want it can make a really fun and interesting photo. The only problem with this is that if everyone is not on board it looks really bad when everyone doesn’t put effort into their costumes or if only half the people made an effort. If you are going with this option make sure you give everyone plenty of notice and lots of reminders to get their outfit organised.


Some other themes or outfits you might like to try include Western, Formal attire and Graduation Robes. The point is to have fun so that you create a fantastic photo that you will always love to look at.

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