If you like the absurdity of Adventure Time and the witty and slightly crude humour of Family Guy chances are you’re already a massive fan of Rick and Morty. This clever, imaginative and unique show, aired on Adult Swim and streamed on Netflix, follows the adventure of a brilliant but maniacal genius, Rick, and his dim-witted but kind-hearted grandson, Morty, as they travel through time and space, and save the universe, (often from themselves)!

Rick and Morty Nickname Ideas


During their adventures the duo come across a colourful array of characters and worlds, each as bizarre and unique as the next. If you’re a loyal fanatic of the show, why not show your appreciation with these nickname ideas straight from the show. These individual nicknames ideas guarantee that no one else will have the same jersey names as you… unless of course your Unity, the intergalactic hive mind alien that telepathically controls every living host.

  • Rick
  • Morty
  • Summer
  • Beth
  • Jerry
  • Snuffles
  • Mrs. Pancake
  • Scary Terry
  • Anatomy Park
  • Pirates of the Pancreas
  • Prince Nebulon
  • Jessica
  • Unity
  • Gazorpazorp
  • Summer
  • Morty Jr.
  • Ma-Sha
  • Gazorpian
  • Zardoz Head
  • Devil
  • Mr. Needful
  • King Flippy Nips
  • Scroopy Noopers
  • Abradolf Lincler
  • 5th Dimension Monster
  • Krombopulous Michael
  • Blip & Chitz
  • Roy
  • Fart
  • Hive Mind
  • Beta 7
  • Uncle Steve
  • Mr. Poopy
  • Sleepy Gary
  • Mr. Beauregard
  • Pencilvester
  • Tinkles the Fairy Lamb
  • Reverse Giraffe
  • Show Me What You Got
  • Cromulon
  • Get Schwifty
  • Bird Person
  • Ice-T
  • Alphabetrium
  • Numbericons
  • Keep Summer Safe
  • Zeep Xanflorp
  • Glaxo Slimslom
  • Tiny Rick
  • Coach Feratu
  • Shrimply Pimbles
  • Arthricia
  • Galactic Federation
Rick and Morty Nickname Ideas


Remember, our jackets allow up to 15 characters including characters so if you have anymore great Rick and Morty nickname ideas, we would love to know. Still finding it hard to pick a nickname? Why not head over to our friendly forum and our helpful community can help you choose one.