Printed Lining Comes to Mind

Announcement Date: April 1, 2011
After attending an advertising seminar, Elyse comes up with the idea of printing photos in the lining of our jackets. We get a photo from Bossley Park High School to do so and receive the first sample on t he 8th of April.
Bossley park choose not to go with it but not long after, we are approached by Wiley Park Girls High School. Elyse goes to the school never having used an SLR camera before, or done any large group photography. She tries to figure out how to use it in the car beforehand. No-one notices she has no idea what she’s doing when she walks in to take the shot.
Thankfully, Wiley Park Girls High School have the first jackets with their muck-up day photo printed successfully in the lining. This becomes one of out trademark selling points!