It’s been a while since we last saw For the Love of Custom, where we share our love of all things customised and personalised! Since Exodus Wear is a company that specialises in creating custom outerwear, it’s no surprise that we also want to shine a light on the growing mass customisation trend. We’ll be featuring different companies that are at the cutting edge of customisation.






Anya Hindmarch

It seems that we have covered many companies that specialise in customised leather goods and here we have another one- Anya Hindmarch! While The Daily Edited and Mon Purse are both rooted in Australia, Anya Hindmarch is a London-based brand. Anya founded her brand in 1987 and has since grown to become a global brand, which now features Anya Hindmarch Bespoke stores.

What’s special about Anya Hindmarch’s bespoke line is that they carry a very distinctive style of personalisation. It’s almost ‘homestyle’, in comparison to TDE and Mon Purse. This is due to the emphasis on adding photos and handwritten embossing on the leather as opposed to just a typographic monogram.

Let’s get into it!

Anya’s bespoke collection features leather goods that are on the smaller side when compared to others. You won’t find the same amount of large totes and clutches that you do on other sites. The focus is more on travel wallets, coin purses, pouches and wash bags. They are excellent quality leather and most feature her signature leather-tassel zip.

We went for a simple loose pocket product, which seems to be one of the more popular items. At $215USD, they aren’t that cheap but they’re good quality and personalised so we think they’re worth the extra cash!

You start off the personalisation process by choosing a colour of leather that you would like your little pouch to be. Right now only the white, burgundy and blue colours are available for online personalisation right now. However, they do specify that if you would like another colour, you can contact the team directly and have them work something out for you. We’re told that more options are coming soon!

We went for the classic ‘bone and light grey’ combination, which is the white pouch.

Next, you can personalise the front of the pouch. There are a wide variety of foil colours to choose from! We’re totally obsessed with anything foiled, so you can imagine our excitement. There are 12 different foil colours right now- including gold and silver. You have the option to choose a typeface. We’ve noticed that you are able to add a lot more text than other stores, so you could definitely emboss a whole message!

As you can see, there’s also an option to add your own handwritten message. This is a great addition and makes Anya Hindmarch stand out from the rest. You can add a handwritten note or drawing to your design by uploading a picture of it to the website, making sure that it’s in black and white. If you’re a creative type, you’ll love this feature.

The ‘Be a Bag‘ range allows for you to add your own photo to your washbags! This is an awesome gift idea and makes it stand out against the other personalised bag services out there.

There are also bespoke stationeries available. This includes some gorgeous diaries and journals. The leather journal covers are customisable and then you can simply re-purchase the diary refills every time you run out of pages.

There is also a Men’s range, which features a large range of wallets with a surprisingly large variety of patterns available. There are also weekend bags in this section.

As for other products, Anya Hindmarch has a whole range of collections apart from her bespoke range. She has a range of quirky designs that are creative and stylish. We recommend you look at the rest of her range, too! We’re loving this creative Pacman-inspired backpack.

There are also a number of creative coats for sale, like this bomber jacket. Perhaps some of them will inspire your next design with Exodus Wear. We’re able to take anything you can think of and apply it precisely to your specifications. You can contact us right now to get started on your own completely customised outerwear.


So what do you think of Anya Hindmarch’s range? The special addition of handwritten notes, drawings and photos to her leather products gives them an edge. Anya is definitely finding creative ways to personalise her products.

At Exodus Wear, we specialise in personalised outerwear for groups and individuals! If you’re looking to customise any kind of jacket or other items of clothing, definitely contact us. We can easily make your visions into reality, just let us know and we can get started!

We look forward to customising with you!