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Arthika is a lovable science geek currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Advanced Science degree at the University of Sydney, with a passion for sports, dance and fashion. She loves plushies too!

3 life lessons to take away from Dirty Dancing

Many would be guilty of watching Johnny's lift of Baby atleast a 100 times. And if you still have no clue what I am talking about right now, drop whatever you are doing (that exam can wait!) and go watch Dirty Dancing right now#. It is one of "those monumental [...]

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Elyse at the Retail Global Conference

These past easter holidays, when we were all chilling and relaxing, our very own Elyse Daniels was taking Gold Coast by storm at the Retail Global Conference! That's right. She was presenting a talk on a very interesting idea at this conference that is focussed on giving real solutions for [...]

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High school hacks: learning a foreign language

It is definitely the coolest thing ever to learn a foreign language in high school. Whether French, Italian or Mandarin, if you have to opportunity, you should pounce on it and get learning. However it is definitely easier said than done. I mean, after all it is a completely new [...]

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Hacks for high school students: What to do if you drop your phone in water

Let's face it. 99.9999% of us say hi to our phones atleast 5 times a day. Whether to check facebook, play a game, call someone or send a text. Or even just to check the time. Hence obviously when our beloved precious phones get hurt in someway, our hearts would [...]

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5 must have fall clothing pieces for uni students

We have finally reached the very confusing yet pleasant season of autumn.You have the cool breezes and a bit of sun to enjoy together. However, the random shifts of weather in fall means that it plays havoc on your decision of what to wear for the day. Therefore it helps [...]

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List of job hunting apps for teenagers

In today's world, it's never too early for teens to start working. Whether its just to collect some cash or start decorating your CV, thousands of teens around Australia are in the hunt for a suitable casual/part time job. However given this demand for casual jobs, it is indeed very [...]

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Most instagrammable spots in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country. So many different sceneries, such a vast choice of magnificent views. So no wonder Australia is a haven for those who are social media savvy. There are people who travel to the ends of Ozland just to get a good picture. And the results are [...]

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Uni life around the world: Part 1

Now that everyone is well past the start of their university semester, students around Australia should've already settled into uni life. What exactly is uni life here? Basically it consists of hanging around campus, late night classes, amazing happy hour deals and making friends in uni society. But would a [...]

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Movies to watch instead of reading the book

Ever since the dawn of time, there have been 2 kinds of people. The book nerds and the movie lovers. While the 2 will forever be at war, there are certain occasions where one is the clear winner over the other. Many a times we look at instances where the [...]

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Pandora vs Spotify

Whatever we do, music has inevitably become a part of daily life for many. Its our best friend when we exercise, study, travel or even do our house chores. However buying music can be pretty expensive for many. Also, we tend to miss out on a lot of good music [...]

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