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Arthika is a lovable science geek currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Advanced Science degree at the University of Sydney, with a passion for sports, dance and fashion. She loves plushies too!

Degrees that require Math in your ATAR

Math.... A guilty pleasure for many, And to others, an absolute parasite. Whether we like it or not, we have math all around us in some form or the other. While calculating taxes to calculating bus fares, we need some kind of math. Alot of HSC students do however opt [...]

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Best book to TV show adaptations

Big little lies is all over the news right now. Its a TV show with an all star cast including Nicole Kidman, Shaileen Woodley and Reese Witherspoon based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Aussie author Lianne Moriarty. Though its just a mini series, it has gained [...]

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Uni student discount apps and cards

Being a uni student has a lot of responsibilities and hardships of its own. But more than everything, being a uni student comes with a LOT of benefits. From access to a wide range of resources in libraries to discounted movie tickets, the perks are varied. However not a lot [...]

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University memes: assignments and essays

If you are a university student or starting out as one, there is only one definite element that you can be sure to come across: assignments and essays. Oh the trials and tribulations one goes through in order to submit the perfect essay 2 seconds before the designated deadline... It [...]

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Changes to the HSC 2019 syllabus

Many of you have just completed the HSC. Many of you are probably doing the HSC this year or the next.Many could also be starting the HSC syllabus this year or the next. All of us are somehow affected by the High School Certificate. And this very HSC is being [...]

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5 must have apps for uni students

With the summer holidays inching towards its end, another university semester is on the horizon. For a lot of the first year students new to uni life, it is a time of both excitement and anxiety as you try to figure your way through university. For returning university students, you [...]

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