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10 affordable Secret Santa gifts for your school friends

Doing Secret Santa in your group of friends is heaps of fun! Seeing the look on a person's face when they open a perfectly chosen gift from a secret friend brings so much Christmas joy. But finding that perfect gift can be a real challenge, particularly on a budget. But [...]

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How to throw a Christmas party on a budget

Getting all your mates together and hosting a massive Christmas party is tons of fun but let's be honest – it can be REALLY expensive! Buying all the food, decorations and drinks can seriously blow your budget. And students really don't have cash to waste. But don't cancel your Christmas [...]

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What did the stars of Gilmore Girls look like in high school?

With the Gilmore Girls revival just around the corner, interest in the stars is at an all time high! It’s been ten years since we last saw the team all together, and since then everyone has aged. It’s pretty weird seeing how they’ve all changed, but it’s even weirder to [...]

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Five theme ideas for a fancy university social event

University is a great time to meet new people, and one of the best ways to do that is to join clubs and societies. Meeting people with the same interests as you is lots of fun and will give you and your new friends plenty to talk about over coffee [...]

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The best ways to celebrate the end of the HSC

The end is just around the corner… you’re so close to finishing the HSC! It’s an extremely exciting time of life, with a world of possibilities to explore. So what should you do to celebrate the end of months of studying and the craziness of exams? Here are four ideas [...]

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Five things you MUST do when you start Year 12

You’re going to have a lot of #feels when you start Year 12. It’s your final year of school, so you’ll be sad about the prospect of leaving your friends, and you’ll probably be nervous about the exams at the end, but also so excited about your future! As you [...]

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How to avoid choosing a jersey nickname you’ll regret

Years after you finish school, you'll probably have thrown out, donated or sold most pieces of your school uniform. In all likelihood, the only remnant of your school day style will be your Year 12 jersey (or jumper, or jacket!), featuring the super-cool jersey nickname you chose. Your Year 12 [...]

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