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Tips for surviving Undergraduate University Psychology Lectures

Every university school (school of psychology, engineering, geography etc.) has a different format for presenting lectures. Therefore, every topic will require a different method for surviving the lectures. Never fear, Exodus Wear has you covered – check out our tips for surviving University Psychology lectures below. I know I know [...]

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Progressive Tech Company Atlassian Provides Swag Dresses

Tech companies provide their employees with company branded swag including hoodies, t-shirts and caps. Staff can choose to wear these to work and tech conferences. Awesome right #represent! Atlassian a super modern and progressive tech company has gone one step further. They have added a variety of dresses to their [...]

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The Incredibles Jersey Nickname Ideas

Mr Incredible: ‘What are you waiting for?’ Kid on a tricycle: ‘I donno. Something amazing, I guess.’ Yeah like a long awaited sequel! Disney Pixar finally announced the release of The Incredibles II for 2018 – woo! Like we haven’t waited forever! Time to rewatch the movie and find some [...]

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The Sword in the Stone Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas

The Sword in the Stone another old Disney Classic! Wonder if there will be a remake of this too? Soooo many remakes lately! This movie is the funniest thing ever, Disney’s got sass even back then! For all fans of this movie and magic check out the Sword in the [...]

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Disney’s Pocahontas Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas

For those who love to run the hidden pine trails of the forest, taste the sun-sweet berries of the Earth and roll in all the riches all around them – may I present Disney’s Pocahontas jersey nickname ideas! Did you know that they made a Pocahontas 2? I had this [...]

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Baby Daddy TV Show Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas

For fans of this hilarious sitcom and let’s face it Danny walking around without a shirt on (hahaha the audience still hoots every single time he does it!) let me present the Baby Daddy year 12 jersey nickname ideas! Gotta love the shenanigans these guys get up to! My favourite [...]

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas

For fans of the Netflix series: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt check out these show inspired year 12 jersey nickname ideas. For those who haven’t seen it it’s a comedy show, produced by Tina Fey, it centres around Kimmy Schmidt a girl who was abducted and kept in an underground bunker for [...]

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5 Easy Hairstyles for High School and University Students

Awake? Check. Clothes – clean enough. School bag plus stuff – yeah most of it. Food, ooo look chocolate. Time – late! Hair – gah who cares run! Ahhh the morning routine of every school/ university student/ basically every female everywhere! Sound familiar? Yeah I know, don’t worry Exodus Wear [...]

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Psychology Degree Survival Tips: How to survive first year Psychology

Dear first year psychology student – want to know how to survive your first year psych units, pass everything and set yourself up for a wonderful and fulfilling career? A little help goes a long way on your journey to becoming a psychologist. Check out these first year Psychology degree [...]

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