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Top Rated Deakin Uni Subjects on StudentVIP

Do you go to Deakin and are having trouble choosing some good subjects to do? Here are 5 of the top rated units in each faculty (on StudentVIP) to help you choose!   Health HMM104 Immunology and Haematology (90%) HPS202 Child and Adolescent Development (92%) HBS110 Health Behaviour (87%) HNN112 [...]

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How To: Personalise Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms are known for being small, bland and boring! Fortunately, this gives us students a perfect opportunity to turn it into a space that reflects our personalities. Think of it as a (very small) blank canvas! There are a ton of small things you can do to personalise your [...]

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10 Backpacks for University Under $50

Looking for a new backpack for uni or school but have a tight budget? Here are 10 of the best backpacks for students under $50! Washed Canvas Backpack - Target - $20 Tiptop Backpack - Cotton On - $34.95 Surplus Backpack - Cotton On - $29.95 Dux Backpack - Globe [...]

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Suicide Prevention Update: Facebook News

Suicide prevention and mental health is becoming an increasingly important issue in recent years. Facebook has recognised this and has been making really awesome changes to their policies to encourage people to look out for each other and get help! Facebook has already rolled out a suicide prevention tool that [...]

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How To: Staying Motivated in School

Decide on what time of day you study most effectively. Some people get more done in the mornings, while others get the most work done around lunch or at night. Organising your time around when you feel like studying will help prevent you from becoming burnt out. Studying for 3 [...]

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Top 5 Tips for Passing Your Driving Test First Go

  Book some driving lessons with a professional in the month or so before your test. This can help you to improve on any problem areas you may have that your parents didn’t notice. If possible, it is also a good idea to schedule in a lesson in the few hours [...]

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Year 12: A Rough Timeline in the Form of Memes

Header IMG: laurasslipperyslope.blogspot.com.au It's only a few weeks in and you have already witnessed at least 5 mental breakdowns (or maybe had them yourself). IMG: imgflip.com You start to judge everyone in the years below you who may or may not be complaining about how hard school is (and probably [...]

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Moving Out: Surviving Life in a Share House

Living with housemates can be an exciting but difficult experience, especially if you are moving out of home for the first time. At times, it can be hard to negotiate who needs to do what and avoid conflict when different ways of doing things come up. This is especially true [...]

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