Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, then you’ll know that there has been an explosion of vloggers (video logging) on YouTube. There are so many people out there who get to make a living out of making videos online.

Working in the entertainment and social media industry can be tough, but it’s definitely possible. Just look at all the other people who do. There are two kinds of vlogging that are popular: sit-down vlogging; where you sit down and talk to a camera, and daily vlogging; where you document your daily activities. You might want to do a mix of both!

If you want some tips on how to get started vlogging, here’s what you need to know.

It’s hard

Getting into the YouTube-vlogging-sphere is a very tough gig, as there are so many other vloggers out there now. Think about what makes you unique and what you have to offer to the community that they can’t get anywhere else. Know that it’s going to take time and patience to get where you want and don’t throw yourself into it without any backup whatsoever.

Lights, camera?

When you’re just starting out vlogging, there’s no need to go all crazy and buy a Canon 70D, you only need the basics. At the end of the day, people are coming for your content, not the high definition. Start out with something simple- your webcam or iPhone camera is just fine- and then work your way up from there. As you progress, you may want to invest in better equipment.

Find purpose

This applies to everything you do in life but you really have to find the motivation within yourself. If you’re vlogging just because it’s ‘easy’ or you’re looking to be famous or makes lots of money, you won’t last long. As I said, it’s a challenging field to be working in so you don’t want to be motivated by such shallow things. If you love making videos within yourself, you’ll find motivation and purpose in it beyond materialism.

Keep consistent

You don’t have to be posting every single day but keeping on posting makes a big difference. You might think that it doesn’t matter if you post videos or not because no one is watching them. However, the more videos you have and the more you keep on posting, the more to draw people into your channel! Making videos consistently is important if you want to make a long-term career out of it. This is why your motivations are so important.


I love vlogging (here) because it lets me collect and share memories with all people near and far away from me. It’s a great way to remember fun times I’ve had with my friends and thoughts and feelings I’ve had.

Becoming a vlogger is something that’s unconventional and difficult. However, if you have the motivation and the passion for making videos, that’s what you really need! At the end of the day, making content you’re proud of and that makes you happy will make all the difference.

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