Now, you can be forgiven to take no notice of the men’s style at the Met Gala. After all, a suit is a suit, and it’s the women that shine at the Gala (Just look at Rihanna’s gown). Though that is true, don’t be too hasty to shrug off inspiration and think that all suits and styles are the same. Just a brief look at the hottest male celebrities, we can see that there is a diverse range of shapes, colours and looks that you can choose from.

There is bound to be at least a couple to inspire even the most clueless of you when it comes to high fashion. Compiled below is the Top 8 best dressed men of the Met Gala 2017, and it’s not just a classic black suit and bow tie I can assure you. Without much further ado…

The Weeknd:

Best Dressed Men 2017 Met Gala

We start the list off with a classic: a black tuxedo with a white shirt and black bow tie. A timeless outfit, but why not spark it up like he has and add a feature, like a dazzling blinged up brooch. The jacket and pants are a nice loose fit, which is perfect for those guys who are a bit chunky around the middle, or who don’t want that fine, crisp look.

Nick Jonas:

Best Dressed Men of 2017 Met Gala

Why not stand out, scrap the classic black and get a jacket with a sleek print design. The print draws the viewer attention upwards and away from the legs, making sure that the wearer stands out. Jonas has chosen a large well-fitted blazer that contemplates his physique coming in towards the midsection to show off his V-shape.

Eddie Redmayne:

Best Dressed Men of 2017 Met Gala

Hollywood’s newest sweetheart, Eddie Redmayne adorns a classic and stylish look for the Met Gala. Instead of going for a typical black suit, he’s chosen to be subtly bold with a dark blue/plum suit. It gives the suit a little more intrigue, but still has the same classic tuxedo feel.

Donald Glover:

If you are feeling more of an alternative look for you suit, then draw from Donal Glover himself. The actor and singer adorns a unique patterned jacket, that almost looks more suited on a coach then a coat, but he rocks the look! You’d definitely be the talk of the formal hall, if you decided to go down this path!

Ansel Elgort:

Best Dressed Men at 2017 Met Gala

Only a few can pull off the white tuxedo, but a white jacket against a black pants, looks good on everybody. Elgort is no exception in this classic look. The white jacket and the white shirt, points the viewers to the black bowtie and the face above it. White is the new black, thats for sure.


Best Dressed Men of 2017 Met Gala

There’s nothing like a man in all black. Why not coordinate with your best pals for the formal? The band Migos looks unbelievably cool with their all black attire. Bow tie? No thanks. It might be a bold look for your school formal, but if you can pull it off, bling it up with some metal chains and jewellery!


Best Dressed Men of 2017 Met Gala

Who said you a classic jacket was a must for a tux? Diplo pulls of this fresh, unique look, adorning a blazer like jacket, instead of the usual jackets. Coupled with a tightly fitted waistcoat, he had brought fashion and class to the Met Gala, and is my favourite of this list. If you looking for a unique but timeless look then take note.

Trevor Noah:

Best Dressed Men of 2017 Met Gala

He may be the only addition in this list wearing a tie, but he definitely isn’t the exception. Adorning a classic navy blue suit, with a waistcoats of the same colour, and a black satin tie, there is no denying this talented comedian is hot! You’ll be the stud of your formal, looking years above your age in this style.

Now, you have an abundance of inspiration for your own formal. Why not show off your stylish bravado and mix a few styles together, to come up with an even more unique look. Thought there were better dressed men at the Gala. Let us know in the forum, so the community can continue the conversation.