In today’s world, it’s never too early for teens to start working. Whether its just to collect some cash or start decorating your CV, thousands of teens around Australia are in the hunt for a suitable casual/part time job. However given this demand for casual jobs, it is indeed very hard for many to find one that suits their skills, preferences or availability. Some job apps are more suitable for teens to look into than others as they cater for the age group looking into part time, casual or odd jobs. Hence here are a few job hunting apps/ websites suitable for teenagers to start their job search at.


Gumtree as we all know provides a wealth of services. What many don’t know is that it is also a good place for teens to start searching for a job! From baby sitting gigs to tutoring posts to receptionist jobs, you’ve got a range of jobs to choose from!

Indeed Job Search

Indeed provides a place to search for jobs for both newbies and experienced workers. Start by creating your profile and you’ll find job listings across the spectrum!

Student edge

Teen jobs

Teen jobs, as the name says, is a job website catering to those between the ages of 14-21. Fill in the advanced search filters and let the website bring up job ads that suits your liking and preferences! However if you are looking for simpler jobs in your localities like baby sitting or tutoring jobs, Gumtree is better.

Uni career sites

Uni career hubs are a great place to start for uni students. The university career websites filter jobs and cater to students only. Based on their experience levels, availabilities, locations and many other factors, it is easier to find a job that fits your timetable and preferences on your specific university career website.

It can be hard when you are starting out. Looking for a job is no easy task, whether you are old or young, experienced or not. Another good tip is to go personally to your place of interest and ask if they are hiring. Places like maccas are more likely to be keen on hiring beginners than others like clinics sometimes. This is however not always the case so do not be discouraged! If you do know other places suitable for teens to search for a job, please let us know! Good luck in your job hunt and peace out until next time!