My Year 12 Life: Episode 13 Recap

The 13th episode of ABC’s My Year 12 Life takes place in the students 13th week before final exams. Tom F still feels heartbroken after his split from long-term girlfriend, Nicola; Zoe formulates a strategy to fight the overwhelming power of procrastination in an attempt to manage her stress levels; [...]

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Elyse at the Retail Global Conference

These past easter holidays, when we were all chilling and relaxing, our very own Elyse Daniels was taking Gold Coast by storm at the Retail Global Conference! That's right. She was presenting a talk on a very interesting idea at this conference that is focussed on giving real solutions for [...]

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For the Love of Custom: Tailor Store

Welcome to For the Love of Custom, where we share our love of all things customised and personalised! Since Exodus Wear is a company that specialises in creating custom outerwear, it’s no surprise that we also want to shine a light on the growing mass-customisation trend. We’ll be featuring different companies [...]

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Tangled: Before Ever After Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas

Ok so there was Tangled, then there was a short called Tangled Ever After where you see that Rapunzel and Eugene getting married. But before all that a whole lot of other stuff happened – so they made a series out of it! Yay! So for those like me following [...]

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Can you make a comeback after bad results?

Can you make a comeback after bad midterms, half yearlies, assignments? The answer is yes! Personally, there have been so many times in my life where I've gotten scores that I've been disappointed with- including failing one of my year 12 Maths Methods assessments. There's no reason why you cannot [...]

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Top Rated Deakin Uni Subjects on StudentVIP

Do you go to Deakin and are having trouble choosing some good subjects to do? Here are 5 of the top rated units in each faculty (on StudentVIP) to help you choose!   Health HMM104 Immunology and Haematology (90%) HPS202 Child and Adolescent Development (92%) HBS110 Health Behaviour (87%) HNN112 [...]

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Top 4 All Ages Shows in Perth

Are you planning for an outing with friends or family in Perth but have no idea what to do? Don’t worry mate! We’ve got you cover! You can consider going to watch some shows. We have listed out 4 all ages shows in Perth. Let's go and have a look! [...]

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High School Dropout Success Story – Peter Szabo

We always have this perspective that we must at least have a degree in order to be a success person in the future. But that’s not always the case! There are still people who still can be successful even if they drop out from their high school. Just like Peter Szabo. [...]

How to Make Money at School- Pet-sitting

After our recent post on how to make a little extra money while still at school, we thought we'd follow it up with this. If you're part of the majority of people in the universe- you love pets! Wouldn't it be great if you could turn that passion into cash? [...]

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