Smurfs The Lost Village Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas

That’s right peeps there’s a new Smurf movie out – Smurfs: The Lost Village! Which means – yep you guessed it – Smurf nickname ideas! ‘La, la, la-la, la, la, la, la-la, la-la sing a Smurfy song!’ Sticks in your head doesn’t it? :D Smurfs are in atm – recently [...]

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Formal Outfits Inspired by the 2017 Oscars

The 2017 Oscars may have happened a while ago but that doesn't mean we can't still draw inspiration from it! We saw a lot of gorgeous, flowing gowns. Long, princess-y dresses seemed to be a popular choice this year. If you're looking to the stars for formal dress inspiration, here are [...]

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High school hacks: learning a foreign language

It is definitely the coolest thing ever to learn a foreign language in high school. Whether French, Italian or Mandarin, if you have to opportunity, you should pounce on it and get learning. However it is definitely easier said than done. I mean, after all it is a completely new [...]

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How to Survive Moving Schools

Moving schools can seem scary at the time. I know this because I’ve moved schools, cities and states during my many years in the education system. For some people, it’s a tough thing to do, for others it’s a relief. No matter what your circumstance, being the ‘new kid’ at [...]

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Disney Descendants Jersey Nickname Ideas

Okay okay so Disney Descendants, a Disney Channel original movie has been getting a fair bit of hype lately – well according to my facebook feed anyway. Disney Descendants 2 is coming out very soon and Disney is very excited about it. So being a Disney fan and not appreciating [...]

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TASTE – The Agricultural Skills and Technology Experience

Attention all year 10, 11 and 12 students in Queensland – are you interested in working in the agricultural industry? Love being out in open country fields? Love working with animals? Love the great outdoors? Yes – then The Agricultural Skills and Technology Experience (TASTE) might be just what you [...]

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My Year 12 Life: Episode 12 Recap

The twelfth episode of ABC's My Year 12 Life is set 15 weeks before exams, and though the students seem more comfortable in their final year, the pressure of doing well is growing. This week focuses around three students as always. Shianna develops some drama in her drama class, Alex [...]

How To: Personalise Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms are known for being small, bland and boring! Fortunately, this gives us students a perfect opportunity to turn it into a space that reflects our personalities. Think of it as a (very small) blank canvas! There are a ton of small things you can do to personalise your [...]

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Celebrity High School Photos – The Casts of Glee

I still remember that during my high school Glee was one of our favourite TV shows. If you are one of them, then you probably will be interested to know how the casts looks like when they are in their high school. Just like me! So let us time travel [...]

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The Top Robotics Competitions for University Students

Do you have a passion for robotics? Do you see yourself has a dedicated engineer in the future, flourishing in mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science? Do you want to create and design awesome new technologies that will help solve the worlds problems? Well, if that's the case the [...]

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