My Year 12 Life: Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of the ground-breaking show My Year 12 Life, featured on ABC, ABC iView and ABC ME, is filmed 21 weeks until the dreaded final exams. This week focuses on aspiring soldier Jess, Tom F and Chelsea and raises the questions of university options, money and the unplanned events [...]

Psychology Memes for Psychology Students

Calling all my fellow Psychs! Checkout this awesome collection of Psychology memes! Seriously look at ‘em they are awesome :D You know I will never forget the wonderful piece of life advice and first thing my PSYC1101 professor told me: ‘If someone asks you what you do – tell them [...]

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How to Become a Professional Vlogger

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 5 years, then you'll know that there has been an explosion of vloggers (video logging) on YouTube. There are so many people out there who get to make a living out of making videos online. Working in the entertainment and [...]

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Top 5 Hottest Sneakers To Wear To School For Girls

Your school uniform may make you looks bland or not-so-fabulous. BUT, don’t forget you can still look good and trendy with the right pair of shoes! We have listed out the top 5 hottest sneakers to wear to school for girls below. So, let’s go! 1.    Converse Chuck Taylor [...]

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33 Gossip Girl Nickname Ideas

Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. It's starting to get a little chilly around here so it's time to get your hands on your year 12 jumper. You don't want to be spotted outside without one. And if you are, I'll be the first to know. Who knew that [...]

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For the Love of Custom: Cell Bikes

At Exodus Wear, we’re all about creating custom jackets in all sorts of wonderful ways! From inside to outside, lining to one-liners, we can make almost anything you dream into reality. It shouldn’t be surprising that we’re big supporters of all things customized. There’s a way to put your name on [...]

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List of job hunting apps for teenagers

In today's world, it's never too early for teens to start working. Whether its just to collect some cash or start decorating your CV, thousands of teens around Australia are in the hunt for a suitable casual/part time job. However given this demand for casual jobs, it is indeed very [...]

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Bullied – A Documentary about Bullying hosted by Ian Thorpe

Here at Exodus Wear we create customised year 12 jerseys for high school students. We care about helping you create a unique and memorable design, we care about helping you pick out nicknames for your jersey, we care about customer satisfaction and double check that your order is perfect – [...]

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How to get your clothes to sell on eBay

If you're anything like me, you probably have way too many clothes in your wardrobe- most of which you never wear anymore. Following up on our posts about starting a minimalist wardrobe and making money during school, we're going to talk about how to sell clothes on eBay. Selling your [...]

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Stranger Things nickname ideas for the mystery fan

Stranger Things nickname ideas: are you brave enough? Stranger Things is a recent show which started in 2016. The story revolves around the disappearance of a young boy, which is not too strange, but still mysterious. To get the boy back, his mother along with the community and local police [...]

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