Get your engine revved for these classic Cars: 3 nickname ideas!

The first two Disney Pixar Cars movies were enjoyed by adults and children alike. In addition to all the fast-paced action, there was also the hilarious antics of the characters. And Lightning McQueen was always ready to save the day while also saving his friends. There is bound to be bigger and better action to get your heart racing as Cars 3 races into a cinema near you. It seems like the plot is similar to the first two movies as this instalment sees Lightning McQueen still trying to prove to the world that he is the fastest racing car. However, to get you to the finish, here are some Cars: 3 nickname ideas for all you rev heads – the young, and the young at heart!

Lightning McQueen

Speed. I am speed

Jackson Storm

Sally Carrera




Tow Mater


Cruz Ramirez


Bobby Swift

Darrell Cartrip


So, what are you waiting for? Get your tires pumped, your engine revving and your racing cap on because Cars 3 is bound to keep you in suspense and provide a few laughs as it includes some old classics as well many new engines. Mater is most noteworthy as he is the complete opposite of Lightning McQueen.

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