Fashion Week: Men’s Fashion On Point

Times...they are a-changing. Long gone are the days where fashion-forward men had to cower in the shadows, and put up with tragic generic attire. If this year's fashion week is anything to go by, men's fashion is finally getting the spotlight it deserves, and the sales are there to prove [...]

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5 must have fall clothing pieces for uni students

We have finally reached the very confusing yet pleasant season of autumn.You have the cool breezes and a bit of sun to enjoy together. However, the random shifts of weather in fall means that it plays havoc on your decision of what to wear for the day. Therefore it helps [...]

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Best outfit to wear with your graduation robes

Graduating from university is an exciting time. You get to put on fancy robes and parade on stage. And you get to accept your degree formally. What is not to like about that? It is a time for celebration. But what should you wear under your graduation robes? Below are [...]

Top 5 Hottest Sneakers To Wear To School For Girls

Your school uniform may make you looks bland or not-so-fabulous. BUT, don’t forget you can still look good and trendy with the right pair of shoes! We have listed out the top 5 hottest sneakers to wear to school for girls below. So, let’s go! 1.    Converse Chuck Taylor [...]

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What to Wear on Mufti Day for Girls

Every morning after brushing our teeth, wash our face and eat our breakie, the next thing we have to do is to choose an outfit to wear on a Mufti Day. And our struggle starts here. We do not know what to wear often or perhaps always think that we [...]

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K-Pop Inspired Makeup Tutorial for School

Hello everyone! We are back again with another K-pop topics! Today we are going to talk about the K-pop inspired makeup tutorial that is suitable for school! Often, we, as K-pop fans want to wear a makeup that looks like our idol just to show off our love towards our [...]

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10 Backpacks for University Under $50

Looking for a new backpack for uni or school but have a tight budget? Here are 10 of the best backpacks for students under $50! Washed Canvas Backpack - Target - $20 Tiptop Backpack - Cotton On - $34.95 Surplus Backpack - Cotton On - $29.95 Dux Backpack - Globe [...]

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Top 8 Bags for Men

Have you just finished the HSC, and need a new sturdy bag that will last the whole of your university years? Luckily, there's a wide selection of bags, under a broad price range to guarantee that you get the perfect bag that suits you. Whether it's a classic backpack, a [...]

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Top 10 Slogan Tote Bags For University

Are you wanting to be fashionable and looking to make a (literal) statement? Then you're in need of your own Slogan Tote Bag! You might have seen them around your uni campus, and every time you walk into Cotton On or Typo in which you have the option to purchase one for your items instead [...]

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The Best School Makeup Tutorials on Youtube

I believe that most of us here, especially girls would want to look fabulous whenever we step out of our house. No exceptions on going to school or uni. That is why there are lots of makeup tutorial videos on Youtube. However, you got to remember that makeup doesn’t look [...]

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