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10 girls university bags: stylish and practical

Perhaps, some of you ladies may be heading off to university this year or next year. That said, it is important that you invest in the right sort of bag that will be useful and practical for you to carry around with you to lectures and practicals. This bag will [...]

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Coded Couture: Google creates the Data_Dress

'Coded Couture' is a project run by Ivyrevel, a digital fashion house backed by H&M Group. They're taking the fashion world by storm by teaming up with Google to create an app that collects your personalised data from your smart device. The app then takes this information and uses it [...]

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A Guide for What to Wear to Graduation for Girls

Your graduation is probably one of the most exciting parts of your final year of school that many people start to plan for even months in advance! There are a lot of options out there that you can choose form when deciding what to wear so it can definitely be [...]

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Fashion Tech: Lumo Lift will solve your posture problems

Fashion tech is an important part of life in this modern age. However, now more than ever, people are spending more time sitting down at a desk or in front of the TV. This is particularly true for year 12 and university students. People tend to slouch when sitting down [...]

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Most popular fashion trends of 2016

And we are nearly done with 2016. Can you believe it? What a whirlwind it has been around the world. The year came with its fair share of the good, bad, the weird and the wonderful. And of course, also its set of fashion trends that took over the younger [...]

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How to Style a Baseball Jersey

The baseball jersey is well known as a crucial part of any Major League Baseball uniform. It's a short-sleeved polyester shirt which usually features the team colours and name as well as button detailing on the front. It's a piece that can have many graphical and coloured elements. Baseball jerseys [...]

2016 American Music Awards Inspired Formal Dresses

The 2016 AMA red carpet showed us some of the most gorgeous dresses and outfits of the entire year. While celebrities are usually styled by the elite of the fashion world, us lowly mortals may be more inclined to search for a more budget-friendly alternative to fashion. As the formal season is [...]

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Style Inspiration: The Coach Jacket

The coach jacket was popularised in the 1980's and as the name suggests, was worn by sports coaches all across America. It appears as a more oversized and heavier-looking dress shirt with buttons down the middle and a collar. The coach jacket is not seen as often as the bomber [...]

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Memi Smart Bracelet: The most stylish in fashion tech

Wearable technology in the form of jewellery can often look big and bulky and not very fashionable at all. However, there is one product that does look stylish and that is the Memi Smart Bracelet. (Source: How does the Memi Smart Bracelet work? The Memi Smart Bracelet [...]

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