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Parka Jackets and How to Style Them

The parka jacket has always been around but has just recently joined the Exodus Wear custom collection. It's practical and sensible, shielding its wearers from the toughest of weather conditions. It'll keep all the warmth in while keeping all the wind and rain out. Usually, it's the most 'sensible' apparel [...]

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8 Reasons why Cardigans will be cool forever

With new clothing trends being thrown at us continuously (floral, tinsel, capelets, puffers, lace, velvet, statement belt/bag/shoes whatever – to name a few) you may have found yourself staring at your wardrobe picking up a beloved cardi and going is this still in? Can I still wear this? Don’t panic [...]

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Get the Celebrity look for your formal dress but for less

Gone are the HSCs, here come the formals. A million questions for a lot of you will be racing through your mind. Have I got the right dress? Does it fit the theme? Is the colour unique and good? Do I look a million dollars? The answers would be 9/10 [...]

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Our Top 5 Places to Rent a High School Formal Dress

A while ago we wrote this blog post introducing high school formal dress rental and about why it's a great option for finding something to wear to events. In short, it’s an easy, economical way to get your hands on a gorgeous dress without all the strings attached. As a follow up [...]

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5 Reasons to Rent a High School Formal Dress

Graduation dinners and ceremonies are popping up all over the country as the season approaches. The question ‘Will I pass?’ is second on everyone’s minds to a much more important question: ‘What am I going to wear?’. While buying a brand new dress may seem like the best thing to [...]

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8 stylish jacket and dress combinations

Spring is here which also means Sydney's indecisive weather is here. That time of the year when its chilly as we step out of the house, and we start to swelter by midday. This means you just don't know what to wear or which weather to be prepared for. That's [...]

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Why You Should Try a Minimalist Wardrobe

Source: Noa Noir For some, the words Minimalists Wardrobe may sound like an oxymoron, but it will change the way that you see your style. The idea of a minimal wardrobe is to have a selection that is as functional as possible. This means having as little as you can while having [...]

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Top 10 Celebrity Bomber Jackets

Top 10 Celebrity Bomber Jackets Ever wonder how to style your bomber jacket to suit your tastes in fashion or to match your favourite celebrity? Plenty of celebrities are donning bomber jackets these days. Just take a look at the stars below wearing their bomber jackets. You can wear them [...]

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High Fashion Style: The Satin Bomber

Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer collection 2016 was unveiled earlier this year, featuring a line of decadent embroidered satin bomber jackets. Although this season has just passed for those in the northern hemisphere, spring and summer are just arriving here in the south. These jackets are not exactly a brand-new idea as [...]

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7 misconceptions about fashion

Google the word Fashion. The top result would be Kim Kardashian and a piece of sheer cloth that she calls a ‘’fashionable outfit’’. Other results include the stereotypical ‘’ideal women’’ of unrealistic sizes, with surreally perfect skin dressed in skimpily clad clothes. The results are rounded off by designer clothes [...]

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