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Top 10 Celebrities Who Rock Their Own Varsity Style

Varsity jackets are a staple when it comes to the classic celebrity style. If you search any of your favourite musicians, actors or models online, you are bound to see a handful of photos of them rocking a varsity jacket. The great thing about the varsity look is that it [...]

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Top denim jacket looks on film

Denim jackets – the one statement piece that can inject instant style hit to your outfit, whilst remaining casual and comfortable. Worn with an insouciant swagger, a denim jacket coupled with a plain white shirt or loosely draped over the shoulders gives off a vibe of youthful confidence. If you’re [...]

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Bomber Jackets, 2016’s Spring Trend

After what seems like forever, spring is finally here!! And we all know what that means!! Spring trends and fashion! This is when we need something to keep us warm and stylish during the cool mornings as we go to school or uni but not too warm during the sunny [...]

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Styling your Varsity Jacket for Every Occasion

The varsity jacket is undoubtedly the cornerstone of every chilled-out ensemble, but the versatility of this wardrobe staple can be realised in almost every situation. From classy to comfortable, the varsity jacket is able to be (almost) effortlessly added to every outfit and give it a cool undertone. The varsity [...]

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Sukajan Jackets steal the spotlight

Everything you need to know about this must-have jacket It’s official, we’re crazy over bomber jackets and this Japanese inspiration is certainly no exception. Sukajan Jackets (also known as the souvenir jacket of Japan) combine the baseball jacket with high shine and classic Japanese detail - and they’re giving us some serious [...]

Varsity Jacket makes big return

Celeb spotting + guess which university started this cool look? Varsity jackets are huge this season and are definitely here to stay. Not only do students love them (they’re our most popular style), but celebs everywhere are rocking this jacket in their own unique way.   So where did the look [...]

Students Win School Uniform Battle!

School uniforms have triggered many debates over the years, with heated discussions regarding the pro's and con's over having one or not. The one important aspect had never been debated quite as comprehensibly until now which is whether to have a gender specific uniform or not. Newtown Performing High School [...]

Custom Baseball Shirts for Roller Derby Clubs

Custom Baseball Shirts are the latest products to be added to our product range. Our baseball jackets and varsity cardigans have been such a success so we wanted to add another product into our varsity collection. Below is an example for Sydney Roller Derby League. The baseball shirt comes in [...]

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Personalised Jackets hit runway at New York Fashion Week

Our team is constantly scouring the globe on the look out for the hottest new trends happening in fashion. While you wouldn't think garments which are going to be part of a school uniform would follow trends you would be surprised at how what is happening in retail fashion impacts [...]

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Varsity Style Jacket for Beauty Pageants

Beauty Pageants in Australia are quickly becoming one of the fastest developing activities throughout the country. Beauty Pageants are set up for girls and boys to provide them with an opportunity to showcase and develop their deportment skills, confidence and self-esteem. We even have our own Australian Beauty Queens going [...]

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