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Zootopia nickname ideas for fans of all creatures

Zootopia is bound to delight both young and old. While the movie has fast-paced action, there is still some mystery and suspense to impress any movie fan no matter what genre you like. It follows the story of a young bunny, Judy Hopps, who longs to join the police force [...]

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Musical memes for even the most studious instrumentalist

Musical memes to put a light note into your day Do you struggle with your studies? And could you use some humour to brighten your day? So, if you find getting some motivation for study exhausting, then you are not alone. There are many people who don't like to spend [...]

My Year 12 Life: Episode 15 Recap

It's 8 weeks until the final exams, and the students of My Year 12 Life are starting to buckle down in preparation for the exams. However, life and opportunity seems adamant to get in the way. Angela requests 10 days off school to travel to Korea for a Taekwondo tournament; [...]

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Celebrities High School Photos: The Casts of The Hunger Games

Hello there Tributes! I believe that most of you are the fans of Hunger Games just like me and you would have wondered how they look like when they were in their high school! Well, without further ado, let us bring you back to their high school and have a [...]

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My Year 12 Life: Episode 14 Recap

This weeks episode is filmed only 10 weeks before the 14 students final tumultuous exams. Shianna battles with her own negativity whilst dealing with some drama at school; Alfie obsesses over preparations for his 18th birthday bash; and finally, Kayla decides whether to let go of her tap dancing hobby [...]

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My Year 12 Life: Episode 13 Recap

The 13th episode of ABC’s My Year 12 Life takes place in the students 13th week before final exams. Tom F still feels heartbroken after his split from long-term girlfriend, Nicola; Zoe formulates a strategy to fight the overwhelming power of procrastination in an attempt to manage her stress levels; [...]

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Top 4 All Ages Shows in Perth

Are you planning for an outing with friends or family in Perth but have no idea what to do? Don’t worry mate! We’ve got you cover! You can consider going to watch some shows. We have listed out 4 all ages shows in Perth. Let's go and have a look! [...]

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High School Dropout Success Story – Peter Szabo

We always have this perspective that we must at least have a degree in order to be a success person in the future. But that’s not always the case! There are still people who still can be successful even if they drop out from their high school. Just like Peter Szabo. [...]

High school hacks: learning a foreign language

It is definitely the coolest thing ever to learn a foreign language in high school. Whether French, Italian or Mandarin, if you have to opportunity, you should pounce on it and get learning. However it is definitely easier said than done. I mean, after all it is a completely new [...]

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TASTE – The Agricultural Skills and Technology Experience

Attention all year 10, 11 and 12 students in Queensland – are you interested in working in the agricultural industry? Love being out in open country fields? Love working with animals? Love the great outdoors? Yes – then The Agricultural Skills and Technology Experience (TASTE) might be just what you [...]

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