Custom Hoodie for Marty Petrovich Sprint Car Racing Team

This week we have been having a lot of fun working on the below design for the Marty Petrovich Sprint Car Racing team. Marty is an aussie trying to make it big in America on the sprint car racing circuit. Marty came up with the below design for a custom [...]

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5 Year 12 Muck-Up Photo Theme Ideas

Your Year 12 muck up photo is one of those photos that you will look back on in 50 years and it will make you smile when you remember all the great times you had at high school. Because it is such an important photo we think it is good [...]

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Exodus Wear receives rave review from Dancehub

Exodus Wear were very excited to have our jackets reviewed recently by Dancehub - an Australian dance website who cover all things dance from industry news, teachers news, dancers news and show reviews. We were even more excited when we saw the positive review we received. Here are some quotes [...]

Tips for taking a large group photo for your jacket lining

One of the most popular and most talked about features of our Year 12 Jackets is the option of having a photo printed inside the lining. It is possible for us to print the photo on just the back panel or as a panorama photo across all three panels. For [...]

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Get inspiration for your Year 12 Jumper design from the T-World Journal

Out of all our products the garment we do the most screen-printing on is our Jumpers. Our Year 12 Jumpers are made from polycotton and so the material is dyed a single colour whereas with our polyestor jackets the material starts white and you can actually dye a full colour [...]

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Check out our Year 12 Jackets with detachable hoods

In Australia many high schools have banned hoodies because there is a perception that it promotes negative behaviour like violence and they do not look professional enough to be considered part of school uniform. I actually came across an article on the website that claims many schools in America [...]

Featured Design – Year 12 Jumper for Canberra Grammar School

For the Canberra Grammar School we were asked to create a sophisticated and unique Year 12 Jumper design. Below are some images of the final design that we created. Our favourite aspect of this design is the panel detail in the right sleeve. The students wanted to incorporate more of [...]

Request a FREE Mock-up design for your Year 12 Jumper or Jacket

Exodus Wear are more than happy to put together 3 or 4 designs free of charge to get you started on your Year 12 Jumper, Jacket or Jersey design. Even if you don't know which type of garment you want to go with we can create a couple of designs [...]

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Trends in Year 12 Garments

In all the different states and territories of Australia there are different trends when it comes to Year 12 garments. In South Australia and Victoria the most popular garment type is a Year 12 Jumper. Due to the cooler weather the students prefer to purchase a garment that has fleece [...]

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