Matching Year 12 Baseball Jackets and Cotton Rugby Tops

When we first start working with a school on their Year 12 garment we get them to pick the garment type and then start working on designs. Sometimes there is a unanimous decision to go with one style but sometimes there is a divide and no matter how many votes [...]

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We can do Champions Jackets for Sporting Teams

While most of our customer base is schools we do actually produce jackets for quite a few sporting clubs. These can actually been really fun for us because they tend to have different features from the jackets we do for schools. Below are some examples of garments we have done [...]

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2012 Photo Gallery of Designs updated

Although 2012 hasn't even started we have been busy designing and producing garments for the Class of 2012 so that the students can have their garments as soon as they start the school year. Although it will be boiling hot to the point that the kids won't be able to [...]

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Our popular decoration methods and customisations

At Exodus all our garments are 100% custom so it is possible to pick anything you want but we do find that we have some popular variations that a lot of schools like to pick from. Below are some of our most popular decoration methods and fabric customisations. We recommend [...]

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Why we don’t use wool acrylic on our baseball jackets

Baseball Jackets are currently our most popular product as an alternative to Year 12 Jerseys but our jackets are a bit different to the ones you see in America & Canada - the main difference is that we don't use wool acrylic as our main fabric and we don't do [...]

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Gallery of designs for 2011 and 2012 updated – great for Year 12 Jersey ideas

We just finished uploading photos and descriptions on all the jobs we completed for students graduating in 2011 and have also uploading jobs we are currently working on for class of 2012. Our Gallery of Designs is a great place for inspiration if you are looking for ideas for your [...]

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Our custom baseball jackets now come with a leather look sleeve option

The Exodus team are excited to announce that we now offer leather look sleeves on our baseball jackets. Previsouly we have offered the leather look numbers and letters so we are happy to be able to extend this to the actual sleeves. Leather look sleeves won't increase the price of [...]

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New Short Sleeve Year 12 Jerseys

Exodus have included a new Year 12 Short Sleeve Jersey into our range! Jerseys are the garment traditionally worn by Year 12 Students graduating from High School. They are based on sporting jerseys worn by Rugby teams but are normally long sleeve. To accomodate for Australia's warm client we have [...]

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Now available – your Year 12 School Photo printed in the lining of your jacket or hoodie!

The team at Exodus are constantly looking for new and exciting improvements to offer schools for their Year 12 Hoodies, Jackets, Jumpers and Jerseys. Our latest improvement is to offer a photo printed lining. We are able to print any photo or design you want on the lining but we [...]

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