Merlin nickname ideas for the fan of all things magical

Merlin nickname ideas for the sorcerer, witch or magical creature lurking near or in you Merlin is a popular television series full of magic, mayhem, and of course romance. It follows the story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. It contains goblins, dragons, trolls, and one [...]

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Rollerskating & Ice Skating tracksuits with zip off pants

Fun fact...did you know that our Founder Elyse was pretty good at roller skating? She was in a precision rollerskating team for a good 10 years and she represented NSW; ok she was actually the Captain of the team (why are we not surprised at that?). When she told us we [...]

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Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas for K-pop Fans

Annyonghaseyo everyone~ Are you still dreaming of meeting your K-pop idol and someone who loves K-pop stuff? Why not start off by showing off or share it to your friends about your craze with your Year 12 jersey! If you are really obsessed with K-pop, you’re going to love the inspired nicknames below: Ideas for [...]

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Rock the Block rocking their new Dance Uniforms

There is nothing our team love more than seeing our customers happy! We especially love seeing photos of our customers on Instagram wearing our products. We recently made some new dance uniforms for Rock the Block Dance and judging by the photos of their Instagram the students all seem to be [...]

All of our downloadable design templates now in one place

At Exodus Wear our goal is to make designing a custom garment for your group as easy as possible. One of the things we have a lot of requests for is downloadable design templates of all of our products. These can be found in our catalogue and on each product [...]

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Custom Cheerleading Uniforms Australia

Exodus Wear has been working with dance schools for a number of years providing custom jackets and tracksuits for dance tours, competition troupes and uniforms. One thing we have noticed is a growth in the number of cheerleading teams we are working with. According to an article recently published by [...]

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Parka Jackets and How to Style Them

The parka jacket has always been around but has just recently joined the Exodus Wear custom collection. It's practical and sensible, shielding its wearers from the toughest of weather conditions. It'll keep all the warmth in while keeping all the wind and rain out. Usually, it's the most 'sensible' apparel [...]

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Customers are loving our custom leggings

Exodus Wear is famous for our custom jackets but that doesn't mean we can't custom make other products for our customers. We have been making custom jackets for the dance industry for a number of our years and our customers have been asking us and asking us to create a [...]

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8 Reasons why Cardigans will be cool forever

With new clothing trends being thrown at us continuously (floral, tinsel, capelets, puffers, lace, velvet, statement belt/bag/shoes whatever – to name a few) you may have found yourself staring at your wardrobe picking up a beloved cardi and going is this still in? Can I still wear this? Don’t panic [...]

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Our Custom Parka Jackets Are Now Online!

Exodus Wear have just launched Parka Jackets into our range and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you! Parka jackets are a wardrobe must-have for everyone. They are the perfect addition to any sport-chic look but for some reason, they seem to go with just about anything. Because [...]

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