University Hoodies for Melbourne Business School

Nothing epitomises Uni Life quite like your Uni Hoodie. It's the hoodie you wear every day but only wash bi-weekly; it is the constant companion on those study all-nighters, the stains are the evidence of all the cheap takeout meals you have eaten during semester and let's not forget how [...]

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Gallery of Designs updated for Class of 2017 Leavers Wear

The team at Exodus Wear has been busy updating our Gallery of Designs to include hundreds more images of our leavers wear to inspire the Class of 2017. Below are some links to our most popular galleries: Baseball Jacket/Varsity Jacket Gallery of Designs Click here for the Varsity Jacket Gallery [...]

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Top 10 Celebrity Bomber Jackets

Top 10 Celebrity Bomber Jackets Ever wonder how to style your bomber jacket to suit your tastes in fashion or to match your favourite celebrity? Plenty of celebrities are donning bomber jackets these days. Just take a look at the stars below wearing their bomber jackets. You can wear them [...]

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High Fashion Style: The Satin Bomber

Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer collection 2016 was unveiled earlier this year, featuring a line of decadent embroidered satin bomber jackets. Although this season has just passed for those in the northern hemisphere, spring and summer are just arriving here in the south. These jackets are not exactly a brand-new idea as [...]

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Nickname ideas for the Vampire Diaries fan

Nickname ideas for the Vampire Diaries fan Following the trials and tribulations of the Salvatore Brothers since the dawn of time? Shared the pain of every heartbreak Stefan and Damon have endured over the past few centuries? Up to date on the lives of these ethereal vampires (and witches and [...]

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Captain America: Civil War fan nickname ideas

Nickname ideas for the Captain America: Civil War fan Whose side are you on in this epic battle between Captain America and his enemies? Will you be brave enough to stake your claim? For fans of the Marvel comics, Captain America: Civil War is the latest and one of the [...]

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Channing and Jenna land new dance show

If you're a dance fan, you're gonna love this big news Image: The couple had us obsessed over their dance-off on Lip Sync Battle, and now they’re back, and we couldn't be more thrilled. The husband and wife duo are set to executive-produce and appear in a new [...]

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40 Nickname ideas for the Hunger Games fan

Let the names begin Image: hungergames.wikia If you're like us and LOVE the movies, have read the books over a bajillion times, and want to take your tribute status to the next level, then why not do it with a Hunger Games inspired nickname on your Year 12 jersey! These [...]

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