New for 2020 – our Essentials Range of great value jackets and jerseys PLUS even easier Ordering

Who would believe that 2020 would become such a crazy year, and create so many financial challenges for everyone? So to help everyone get through the next 12 months, we have been busily working on all the ways we can give you more options and more flexibility for creating your special Leavers garment. Here’s what [...]

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Exodus Wear 2015 Year 12 Jerseys and Jackets Catalogue Now Available

Welcome to 2015!   It is a new year and that means Exodus Wear’s new catalogue is now available. As we had such an amazing and positive response from last year’s catalogue we have made the decision to keep it very similar but with some changes. We have added more [...]

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Matching Year 12 Jerseys & Varsity Jackets

For Class of 2014 we found that our matching varsity jackets and varsity cardigans were a very popular combo order that many schools placed. For Class of 2015 we have started to see a new trend emerge of matching Spliced Jerseys and our Active Jackets. Below is an example of [...]

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Year 12 Jersey Voting Card Templates available for download

At Exodus Wear we work with Year Coordinators on a daily basis and we know the additional workload involved when students get into Year 11 and 12. Not only are there the Year 12 Jerseys to organise but there is also the formal, graduation, muck up day and the list [...]

Place a combo order for your Year 12 Jerseys

Did you know that our company allows you to place combination orders for your Year 12 Jerseys? What we mean by this is that it is possible to pick from a variety of our garment styles and combine them into one order. There will be no minimum order that you [...]

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Get design inspiration for your Year 12 Jumper or Jacket from our Pinterest boards

Exodus Wear have joined Pinterest and what everyone says is is addictive! Once we starting pinning our own images and repinning others we have found it nearly impossible to stop. We have only just created our account and already have images in the following boards: Celebrities in our Jackets [...]

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Check out our Year 12 Jackets with detachable hoods

In Australia many high schools have banned hoodies because there is a perception that it promotes negative behaviour like violence and they do not look professional enough to be considered part of school uniform. I actually came across an article on the website that claims many schools in America [...]

Trends in Year 12 Garments

In all the different states and territories of Australia there are different trends when it comes to Year 12 garments. In South Australia and Victoria the most popular garment type is a Year 12 Jumper. Due to the cooler weather the students prefer to purchase a garment that has fleece [...]

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Matching Year 12 Baseball Jackets and Cotton Rugby Tops

When we first start working with a school on their Year 12 garment we get them to pick the garment type and then start working on designs. Sometimes there is a unanimous decision to go with one style but sometimes there is a divide and no matter how many votes [...]

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Custom Year 12 Jackets for Small Schools and Groups

At Exodus Wear our main focus is in offering fully customised garments and because of the high level of customisation there are certain minimum order requirements that must be met. Our normal minimum order quantity is 25 units but there are also some ways you can work around this if [...]

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