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Our Year 12 Jerseys now include zippered pockets

Our premium year 12 jerseys now include zippered pockets. This is a great feature for teachers and students as it now means you can keep valuables like your phone with you. The ruler shows the depth of the pocket Read more about our jerseys here or start designing [...]

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New for 2020 – our Essentials Range of great value jackets and jerseys PLUS even easier Ordering

Who would believe that 2020 would become such a crazy year, and create so many financial challenges for everyone? So to help everyone get through the next 12 months, we have been busily working on all the ways we can give you more options and more flexibility for creating your special Leavers garment. Here’s what [...]

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Exodus Wear 2015 Year 12 Jerseys and Jackets Catalogue Now Available

Welcome to 2015!   It is a new year and that means Exodus Wear’s new catalogue is now available. As we had such an amazing and positive response from last year’s catalogue we have made the decision to keep it very similar but with some changes. We have added more [...]

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Matching Year 12 Jerseys & Varsity Jackets

For Class of 2014 we found that our matching varsity jackets and varsity cardigans were a very popular combo order that many schools placed. For Class of 2015 we have started to see a new trend emerge of matching Spliced Jerseys and our Active Jackets. Below is an example of [...]

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Year 12 Jersey Voting Card Templates available for download

At Exodus Wear we work with Year Coordinators on a daily basis and we know the additional workload involved when students get into Year 11 and 12. Not only are there the Year 12 Jerseys to organise but there is also the formal, graduation, muck up day and the list [...]

New Lightweight Polyfleece Year 12 Jerseys

At Exodus Wear we are always trying to go above and beyond for our clients, especially when it comes to the design and the material of our garments. We currently have been working with The King’s School in Sydney to create two garments that will be suitable for their students. [...]

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Multi Campus Ordering for Group Discounts on Year 12 Jerseys

For schools located in regional areas across Australia it can sometimes be difficult to put together an order for Year 12 Jerseys due to small class sizes and additional costs like higher freight which are not incurred by schools located in Metropolitan areas. At Exodus Wear we want all students [...]

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Place a combo order for your Year 12 Jerseys

Did you know that our company allows you to place combination orders for your Year 12 Jerseys? What we mean by this is that it is possible to pick from a variety of our garment styles and combine them into one order. There will be no minimum order that you [...]

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New Custom Year 12 Spliced Jersey style for 2014

Tired of cotton jerseys that only allow you to incorporate vertical or horizontal stripes into your design? Why not try our Spliced Jersey instead. Made from the same Polyester Fleece blend that we use for our Active Jackets we can sew together panels in any direction to make the design [...]

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Custom House Jerseys instead of Year 12 Jerseys

In Australia the structure in high schools typically follows year levels. Students will be put into roll call groups with other students in their year group. However some schools in Australia follow the House format where students are placed into a House Group that contains students from all year groups. [...]

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