Gone are the HSCs, here come the formals. A million questions for a lot of you will be racing through your mind. Have I got the right dress? Does it fit the theme? Is the colour unique and good? Do I look a million dollars?
The answers would be 9/10 times the dress is good enough because it’s your choice. All you need is just a little idea on how actually million dollars looks and how to get it for less than one tenth the price. So if you want to look like your favourite celebrities but can’t afford to spend like one, here are a few ideas on how to get the million dollar look for less.

How to get the celebrity look for less for your formal dress

3. Nina Dobrev and her red dress

Get the look for less

A beauty with sharp features, she stunned in a classic red taffetta dress at the 2011 Emmys. That look proved that less can be more. The price of this regal Donna Karen gown can easily cost you anythng above a four figure sum. That being said, this post is on how to get the look for less. Look at the picture below and think, does it give you the same effect?

Get the look for less

Ofcourse! And the best part? It only a 175 dollars at http://www.formaldressaustralia.com/red-formal-dresses-c_22/page2! Your regal celebrity look costing you much less than a four figure number

2. Kate Hudson and her sparkling gown

This statement sparkly gown with a hint of metallics is a statement gown. Fun and sequined, she is the perfect symbol of an ethereal night. The Jenny Packham number and its sleek, polished style can possibly make her the belle of the ball. Want to get a similar effect for less? Look below

Get the look for less

The perfect amount


The beautiful cut of this 208 dollar dress from http://www.bellewishes.com/ makes you an instant stunner…and a winner ofcourse.

1. Kate upton and a black dress

Everyone knows a simple plain black dress can be any girl’s best friend. That’s exactly what Kate proved here. The daring neckline dress did justice to her curves, making her a queen of her own right. And to elevate this classy look, all you need is a pair of statement earrings.

You can pull off the million dollar black dress look spending less than a 100 dollars. This dress below is available on https://www.missguidedau.com/ for a mere 73 dollars! Get the dress and let it play its magic on possibly one of your most memorable nights!

get the million dollar look for less

The moral of the story is that you dont need a million dollars to look like one. Simply invest sometime online to find a classy dress that suits your taste. There’s a huge world of dresses and gowns out there so ensure you put your best efforts into looking like the belle of the ball! If there are any dresses that caught your eye and copied a celebrity look, please let us know! Peace out!