At Exodus Wear, we’re all about creating custom jackets in all sorts of wonderful ways! From inside to outside, lining to one-liners, we can make almost anything you dream into reality. It shouldn’t be surprising that we’re big supporters of all things customized. There’s a way to put your name on almost anything these days but some do it better than others. In For the Love of Customwe feature different companies that are at the forefront of mass-customisation.



Cell Bikes have been around since 2002 and started out as a one-man shop before going online in 2006. They have stores in Sydney, as well as Melbourne and provide all-things-cycling! This includes jerseys, accessories and of course- bicycles! Since they first began, they’ve sold over 100,000 bicycles. Cell Bikes is an Australian business, which is important to support whenever you can. Cell Bikes offer the ability customise your own fixie (single-speed bike)! Hence, we’ll be featuring them in today’s For the Love of Custom.

These bikes are great for beginners and cost under $500. Since you get to customize it, it’ll be something that’s well and truly yours. Hopefully, it can stop you from losing your bike in the sea of others out there.


cell bikes change frame

Although the interface isn’t as fancy as some of the other customization pages that we’ve seen, it does the job and offers a range of options. It’s simple to use and understand. The first thing you can customize is the frame size, handlebar, and rear wheel. As you can see, some of these options differ in price but there’s still a wide range of options.


cell bikes colour options

For a small bike, there’s a huge range of different colours! These change depending on what size of bike you choose, supposedly because of availability. The choice is kind of overwhelming, don’t you think? It’s pretty cool to be able to play around with all the different colours. You could end up with something like this:

cell bikes final product example

If you’re looking to start commuting during university or high school, definitely look into getting one from cell bikes! You’ll be supporting Australian business, get a good price as well as get to customize the look! Here’s a promotional video, if you need more convincing.


So what did you think? Will you be getting a customized bike this year?

We find it so exciting that businesses all around the world- including Australia- are starting to allow people to customise their products. We’re also proud to be a part of this movement. At Exodus Wear, we specialise in customising jackets and other outerwear for groups, schools, and individuals! If you’re looking for a fully custom jacket, contact us now to get started designing with us.

We look forward to it!