In Australia many high schools have banned hoodies because there is a perception that it promotes negative behaviour like violence and they do not look professional enough to be considered part of school uniform. I actually came across an article on the website that claims many schools in America are banning hoodies because students are taking advantage of the deep kangaroo pocket to text during class. Could this be another reason why schools are banning them in Australia?

If your school has banned hoodies whether it is for the above reasons or another reason completely we think we may have found a compromise for you – our baseball jacket with a detachable hood. This garment gives you the best of both worlds because it is made from the same material as a hoodie and has angular pockets similar to that of the kangaroo pouch pocket found on most hoodies but it has the benefit of being a jacket with a zipper and snap closure buttons. The design also incorporates a detachable hood that completely zips off so you could speak to your school about only using the hoods on really cold days or even sports days when you know you will be outside.

The baseball jacket with the detachable hood also works really well if your grade can’t decide between a jacket and jumper. You can just order everyone a jacket with the detachable hood and then whoever doesn’t want a hood can zip it off completely and never use it again. Below is a design of a baseball jacket with a detachable hood that we produced for Sarah Redfern High School:





Please note it is still possible to print all the student’s names in the hood lining. Contact us at if you would like any more information about our Baseball Jackets with a detachable hood.