We do realise it is January of 2014 and no there is not a typo in the heading of this news item! It might surprise you to know that we already have jackets in production for Class of 2015 students. We have a few schools who are super organised and order their jackets while their students are still in Year 10 and then they receive their senior jacket in Year 11. There are quite a few benefits to receiving your jackets in Year 11. They include:

  • More value for money because you are able to wear them for 2 years
  • Spreading the costs of being a senior. In Year 12 you will also have your formal to pay for so it is a good idea to already have the Year 12 jackets paid for

If you are a teacher and are concerned about what you would do if new students transfer in to the school in Year 12; with Exodus Wear you don’t have to worry. We allow repeat orders of just one jacket at no additional cost to the original purchase price. This means if you just need 1 more jacket when Year 12 starts it is no problem to order it and it also won’t cost the student extra just because they missed out on the first order.

Check out some of the Class of 2015 designs below:

Nepean Christian School – School 2 Street Jacket

Click here to view more Class of 2015 designs

Are you in the Class of 2015 and want to get started on your Year 12 jacket now? Feel free to contact our team on (02) 8188 7988 or emailenquiries@exoduswear.com.au. It is never too early to get started!