The nickname you put on the back of your Year 12 garment is one of the things you will spend a lot of time thinking about in your final years of high school; probably as much time as you spend studying for yor final exams! It is the one thing on your Year 12 garment that will be completely unique to you and it is your chance to show something about yourself or your personality so you should definately try and get creative.

The nicknames on our garments are restricted to 15 characters or symbols. Besides the standard alphabet below is a list of the most commonly used symbols. We think it looks great when people substitute letters in their nickname with symbols or use a combination of both.


Nickname Common Characters

When you submit your nickname to your Year Advisor please make sure you point out any symbols so that they can clearly mark it on the spreadsheet they submit to us.

We love to see some of the nicknames people come up with and so we have put together a page you can browse through with real nicknames students have put on their Year 12 Garments.