Custom Baseball Shirts are the latest products to be added to our product range. Our baseball jackets and varsity cardigans have been such a success so we wanted to add another product into our varsity collection. Below is an example for Sydney Roller Derby League.


The baseball shirt comes in two fabric options:

  1. 100 Polyester: this is a great option if you have a really interesting design that you would like printed all over the shirt.
  2. Cotton Twill: this material is a more traditional material you see used for Baseball Uniforms.
  3. ex-baseballshirt_custom-baseball-shirt-sydney-roller_derby-back_300

One market that is absolutely loving our baseball shirts are Roller Derby clubs. If you are a Roller Derby club and would like us to work on a design for you please click this link to send us an email with your ideas.


It wouldn’t be an Exodus Wear product if it didn’t have Custom lining so of course our extremely popular custom lining is available. And you know the rule with our lining is that there is NO RULE!