One of the things Exodus Wear is known for is that we like to be as flexible as possible and always try to meet our clients needs. For Studio Intensity Dance School in Western Australia we had a request to make custom jackets with a size range that would go all the way down to babies.

Because there is not much fabric and the jacket is small you would assume it is easier to make a baby jacket than an adult jacket but that isn’t actually the case. Because our garments are highly custom and have a lot of design elements on them it can be difficult to put these elements onto a very small jacket and even just sewing it together is quite fiddly.

Exodus Wear is never one to back down to a challenge though and so we decided to go ahead and add baby jackets into our range. Below are some photos and a video of the first baby jacket we created. We just think it is so adorable that is definitely makes it worth the effort in creating the patterns for the baby jackets!

If you would like to get custom jackets made for babies and toddlers please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 8188 7988 or