ex 2016mpcc mulgoa physical culture club jacket frontExodus Wear is very excited to be working on our very first custom jacket for a Physical Culture Club. Exodus Wear is fast becoming one of the leading jacket suppliers for in the dance industry but we had not made a jacket for a Physical Culture club until Camden – Narellan Physie Club contacted us.

When Camden & Narellan Physie Club contacted us and we started to learn a bit more about Physical Culture we started to realise how different it is to dancing. We have designed a lot of dance jackets before but because Physical Culture is so different we had to consider certain factors when putting together the design.

ex 2016mpcc mulgoa physical culture club jacket backPhysical Culture clubs tend to have a broader range of age groups ranging from toddlers all the way to women in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s! For this reason the design we created was a bit simpler and not too trendy in order to cater for the tastes of all age groups. Our active jackets are a very popular option because they have a very sleek design. There is still the opportunity for lots of customisation but most of the body panels are single colours and then we use panels on the top of the sleeves or under the arms to add interesting designs. For the Camden – Narellan Physie Club we ex 2016mpcc mulgoa physical culture club jacket liningadded stars to the panels to make the design unique and creative. At first we had put the same hot pink design on the inside of the collar but then the club asked us to change it to black as the fake tan the dancers wear tends to rub onto the colour so black would be easier to keep clean! Such an interesting insight for our designers to know so that we can incorporate this into future designs.

As Physical Culture is an all girls sport it meant we were able to make the design quite girly and pink without having to worry about the boys would do! You could make the design as girl as you want by incorporating sequins into the design or glitter prints. This is also really fun for your dancers as when you compete in a team for Physical Culture you are generally wearing a plain black leotard so there is no camden narellan physical culture exodus active jacket frontopportunity to be creative. Your jacket can be that outlet! If you team is lucky enough to win a Competition a great way to commemorate that win would be with a custom jacket that has photos from the competition printed on the inside lining.

The last feature of the Camden – Narellan Physie Club jacket is the silhouette of the dancer holding a pose. Physical Culture is all about strength and poise so we wanted to use the dancer as much as possible which is why we ended up creating a pattern and printing it in the lining. For the dancer on the back we will use a technique called applique which involves sewing on another piece of fabric to create a 3D effect. For the Camdencamden narellan physical culture exodus active jacket back Narellan Physie  Club we will use a satin-look material which is a great way to add a girly touch to the design.

This is the design we have put together for them and we are just waiting on the sample to arrive. We hope that once the sample arrives all their members will love it and want to buy a jacket for themselves. Once the samples arrive we will post some photos.

If your Physical Culture Club would like a custom jacket please contact Exodus Wear on (02) 8188 7988 or email enquiries@exoduswear.com.au and we can put together some free virtual mock-ups for you.

camden narellan physical culture exodus active jacket lining