Australia is the planet’s sixth largest country after Russia, Canada, China, the USA, and Brazil. Although it is the smallest continental land mass, it is the world’s largest island with a land area of 7,692,024 km2. We have almost the same land mass as the USA but there population is almost 14 times larger than ours; our population being 22.68 million (2012) where as the USA 313.19 million (2012).

Having a lot of area is great because it gives everyone lots of space to spread out and a lot of land is used for our Agricultural Industry. However, it does mean that many young people are located in rural Australia living on farms where often there is no school located within driving distance. The majority of these students will move to the city and board at a school while they complete their education. Other students who also board include children of parents who work overseas and international students who choose to board instead of being hosted by an Australian family.

As of 2008 there were approximately 20,000 (Australian Bureau of Statistics) students boarding across 188 institutions in Australia. Queensland and New South Wales currently have the largest number of boarders with an even split between males and females.

For many students their boarding house becomes their home away from home. They see the boarders that they study, live and socialise with as a second family. This camaraderie is what motivates a lot of the students to want a Boarder Jumper as it gives them a sense of unity and belonging.

One of our clients is St Joseph’s College located in Sydney. They have approximately 1,000 students and out of that 1,000 there are actually 600 students boarding. They have more boarders than standard students and are actually the largest boarding school in NSW. Below are some photos of the Boarders Jumper we created for them:

Another of our boarding school client’s is The King’s School located in Parramatta. They also had a custom jumper made for their boarders and Year 12 Students:


Many schools have different houses which the students live in. If you would like your jumpers to be personalised with the house name on each student’s jumper this is possible at no additional cost.

For more information about Boarding in Australia a very comprehensive article you can read is Home away from home? Boarding in Australian schoolswritten by Julie Hodges, Jeanie Sheffield and Alan Ralph which was published in the Australian Journal of Education in 2013.

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