It’s that time of year again! Most of the schools in NSW who order from us aim to have their Year 12 jackets or jerseys delivered to the school day 1 of term 4 so that they can be presented to the Year 12 students on their first day. Did you know that in NSW you become Year 12 in Term 4 instead of the following year? It means that NSW students get to have one extra term of wearing their Year 12 Jersey or Jacket; that is of course if the school gets their order in on time!

Due to the highly customised nature of our products lead times are longer than standard products. It takes 4 weeks for us to produce the sample and then 8 weeks to manufacture and deliver them to the school. That means if you would like to have them delivered for day 1 of term 4 you need to have your 50% deposit and order sheet in by the end of July. However, 4 weeks prior to that you will also need to have your design finalised so that we can produce them sample and deliver it to you to check over before you go into mass production. While the sample is being made up our sizing team will either come to the school (metropolitan sydney schools only) or send you a sizing kit so that all the students can be sized up for their garment.

We do require the balance payment prior to delivery so we recommend that you arrange the payment at the end of term 3 so that we can have your order delivered on the pupil free day. This will give you the chance to check over the order and put aside any jackets from students who haven’t paid in full. Plus by delivering on the pupil free day you won’t have the students asking all day long when they will be allowed to have their jackets.

If you have any questions regarding the production process or require the order sheet or invoice for the 50% deposit please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 8188 7988 or email