These past easter holidays, when we were all chilling and relaxing, our very own Elyse Daniels was taking Gold Coast by storm at the Retail Global Conference! That’s right. She was presenting a talk on a very interesting idea at this conference that is focussed on giving real solutions for real retailers. Than the false promises that you usually hear from similar events and talks. Hence this post is going to talk about Elyse at the Retail Global Conference, what did she present and who else was presenting.

So what exactly did Elyse present on?

Elyse’s presentation was on the topic: Create a vertical business by becoming the manufacturer and retailer.
What does this topic cover? It was built around the idea whether it is time to take control and become the manufacturer of your own products in China. This is a very attractive idea because in addition to the extra control the business owner has of their manufacturing, you can also create better, unique products. In addition, your margins can also go up by a significant amount. So why not eh?

Who else presented at the Retail Global Conference ?

A lot of brilliant business minds just like our Elyse, that’s who. From the co-founder of the household name catch of the Gabby Leibovich to the CEO of Booktopia….The number of high profile names present at the conference were mindboggling. Besides these awe inspiring talks, the conference in general was a great networking opportunity for anyone in the field.

General details about the conference

As mentioned before, the conference took place in magnificent Gold Coast, spanning over a week. In addition, there were numerous workshops held, each with its own unique theme. These included masterclasses on email marketing, to building e commerce sales from scratch. Like I said before, if you are in the field or are interested in becoming part of the field, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these priceless masterclasses! These are in addition to the exhibition where world class exhibitors show us the latest technology in the field.

Besides the numerous networking opportunities and the rich content you come across, the Retail Global Conference has a lot more to offer. if you want to find out more about it, you can click here and read for yourselves! (Don’t forget to read Elyse’s speaker profile as well!). Until next time, Peace out!