Exodus were very excited to have a story written about us in the Liverpool Champion Newspaper this week. Being a Liverpool local business the paper wrote a story about how Exodus is becoming the go to company for celebrities who want customised baseball jackets. Below is a scan of the article as well as the actual story:


Jackets are a hit with celebrities

A PRESTONS company that sells customised baseball jackets and hoodies is fast becoming the go-to store for artists and celebrities.

The brand called Exodus, which was established just two years ago, was recently worn by Australian Idol winner Stan Walker, Justice Crew and Barry Southgate.

Elyse Daniels, from Jem Promotional Products — the company that represents Exodus — said it was great to see celebrities supporting an Australian product.

“It’s really great for someone like Stan Walker to actually wear the brand,” she said.

“A lot of kids look up to artists like him and Justice Crew, so it’s a big endorsement.”

The company also supplies custom-made jackets for year 12 students.

“We also do corporate uniforms and have produced lots of student jackets for local schools,” Ms Daniels said.

“It’s a popular alternative to the traditional year 12 jerseys.”