Due to popular demand Exodus has decided to create a range of baseball jackets that you can personalise! Our new brand is called Letterform Jackets and below are some photos of our first samples:

Mens Letterform Jacket


Ladies Letterform Jacket


Exodus Hoodies & Jackets are personalised for groups of 25 or more where the whole jacket is custom made to your specifications whereas the Letterform brand will be blank jackets that you will be able to personalise yourself by sewing on a letter, embroidery badge, attaching badges etc. Our unique design has zippers that give you access to inbetween the outer fabric and the lining. That means you can sew on your badge without damaging our signature satin-look lining.

The outer fabric is made of the same material is our Exodus baseball jackets which is a polycotton/blend. This is a more leightweight fabric than traditional letterman jackets which means you can wear it most of the year.

Our letters are made of Chenille and you will be able to order a letter or possibly number down the track. They are really easy to sew on because we provide them to you on a felt backing and we are going to post a video on YouTube on how to sew it on.

To find out how you can buy a jacket go to the Letterform Jackets facebook page.