At Exodus Wear we have the highest quality standards. One of the main reasons for this comes from our parent company JEM Promotional Products who work with some of the biggest corporate clients in Australia to create uniforms and branded merchandise. Selling to corporate customers means an expeced level of outstanding quality. Along the journey of starting Exodus Wear and branching out into selling to schools we have noticed that the quality levels that schools are accustomed to are very different to companies.

The expectations in the corporate world are extremely high where every item goes through rigorous quality testing before it is deemed suitable to have a corporate logo put onto it and be handed out to customers. Companies realise that although they did not manufacture the pen or tote bag they are giving out they are putting their logo on it and therefore associating their brand and quality levels with the quality of their promotional item. If someone receives a pen that doesn’t work they will look at the logo on the side and instantly assume that the company whose logo sits on it is not premium or have high standards even though they were not the company they produced the item.

This high expectation for quality has really become second nature to our team so it always shocks us to hear horror stories from schools where year 12 jackets have faded after a couple of washes or the material is pilling. Because such high quality standards is the norm for us we rarely share the behind the scenes of what goes into making our garments. One thing we have discovered that we seem to be quite unique in is the fact that we dye, treat and hold our own fabric in stock.

We dye and treat our own fabric with colour fastness of a minimum level 4 – 4.5. We dye in large batches and hold our fabric in stock to assure consistency and the best quality. Most companies will purchase material from the marketplace in China which often only has a colour fastness grade of 3 – 3.5 and as they have not dyed it themselves there are no guarantees on the treatments used. There is also greater risk of colour inconsistency between the mass order and any repeat orders placed when purchasing fabric on separate occasions.

Dying, treating and holding our own fabric in stock requires high minimum runs and a large outlay before we receive any orders. However, we produce such a large volume of garments we have been able to keep our prices competitive while offering our customers a higher quality product than companies selling at the same price.

Other features that make our garments of the highest quality include:

  • We offer a pre-production sample before you are required to make a deposit so you can see exactly what your garment is going to look like. It is our guarantee to you that what you will be buying is actually what you want
  • We offer various decoration methods. A lot of companies will cut corners and just embroider all the details or screen print everything. At Exodus Wear we use a variety of premium decoration methods to give the garment the right asthetic, balance and finish. The school emblem is embroidered to tye into your existing school uniform and the price includes the student’s proper name and class year embroidered on the front if you wish to include them. We applique your school initials and the number on the back to create the 3D look. The fabrics we offer for applique are felt, satin look, leather look and denim. The nickname is heat transferred on and can include up to 15 characters or symbols. Our nicknames are guaranteed to not peel off no matter how many times you put it in the wash so make sure you double check the spelling when you submit your name list. We can also heat transfer text or basic artwork designs such as your suburb name or “Class of” text on the back
  • Our garments all come fully lined. Even if you are not printing names or a photo on the lining we will still include plain lining to finish off the garment properly
  • Our baseball jackets include a zipper and buttons, not just a zipper. Our pockets are also zippered.

If you are looking for a new supplier for your Year 12 garments who you know will provide the highest quality than please contact Exodus Wear on (02) 8188 7988 or email and we will be happy to provide examples of past jobs we have produced.