The Campbelltown Theatre Group are performing a production of High School Musical 2 this year and the Exodus team were very excited to be involved by providing baseball jackets for lead character ‘Troy’. This character was played by Zac Efron in the hit movie series but at this is a local production the role is being shared by Christopher Glynn and Jayden Sierra. Some of the cast were actually in the Macarthur Advertiser last week promoting the play and you can see our jacket being worn by Christopher Glynn.

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Below is a list of the performance dates:

17th Feb @ 8pm – Short Cast
18th Feb @ 2pm – Tall Cast
18th Feb @ 8pm – Short Cast
24th Feb @ 8pm – Tall Cast
25th Feb @ 2pm – Tall Cast
25th Feb @ 8pm – Short Cast
26th Feb @ 5pm – Short Cast
2nd Mar @ 8pm – Tall Cast
3rd Mar @ 2pm – Short Cast
3rd Mar @ 8pm – Tall Cast

Tickets $28 adults / $22.50 seniors and students. If you would like to book tickets please call 46285287 – or email