Do you have voting card templates I can download?2016-01-03T23:19:56+11:00

Yes. Follow this link to download. If you can’t find the one you need please just email us and we can make up a custom one for you.

When should we place our order?2016-01-03T23:18:35+11:00

We think you can never get started too early. Often the process ends up taking longer than you expect because you have to get a large number of students to all agree on one design as well as confirm their order and bring in payment. Our sample takes 4 weeks to make and then it is up to you how quickly you can into mass production. It is no problem to order the sample at the beginning of Year 11 but then take a few months to collect orders and payments before going into mass production. Mass production takes 8-10 weeks from when we receive the deposit and final order confirmation.

Are your garments made in Australia?2017-02-20T02:29:04+11:00

Unfortunately while we would like to manufacture in Australia the manufacturing capabilities just don’t exist for the customisation features we offer on our garments. Our team in Australia designs every garment from scratch and then works with our factory in China to have them produced. If we were to manufacture in Australia we would have to compromise on the features we can offer our customers. If you would like to purchase Australian made make sure your check for a country of origin tag on the garment. By law every garment should state where it was made. What many companies do to try and portray the image of an Australian made garment is by importing the fabric or basic jacket from China and then just adding on decoration like embroidery, heat transfer and printing in Australia. To make sure you are buying Australian made look for the country of origin tag and if it doesn’t have one be wary of purchasing from that company.

When will you require a deposit and final payment?2016-01-03T23:11:55+11:00

We only require a deposit after you have seen the physical sample of your design and would like to go into mass production. The balance payment is due prior to dispatch of your order.

Can you help me pick a nickname for my jersey?2016-01-03T23:11:26+11:00

Yes we can! Just headover to our Nickname Generator website and our team and community can help you pick the perfect nickname for you.

How many characters do your nicknames include? Can you do shapes like stars, love hearts and smiley faces?2016-01-03T23:09:59+11:00

We allow up to 15 characters and we are willing to try all symbols so send it through to us and we will tell you if it is possible.

We would like 2 different styles of garments; can we combine the numbers together to make one order?2016-01-03T23:09:07+11:00

We offer a variety of combo options at no additional cost or minimum order. For example it is possible to order a combo of baseball jackets, hooded jumpers and cardigans. It is also possible to order a combination of polyester jerseys and jackets.

Are staff able to have different jackets?2016-01-03T23:08:13+11:00

Yes, we allow variations for staff at no additional cost. Whether it is removing the number on the back or the students names from the lining it is all possible at no additional cost.

Have your jackets been worn by any celebrities?2017-02-20T02:29:04+11:00

Our jackets have been worn by many celebrities including Justin Bieber, Justice Crew, Stan Walker, Kyle Sandilands, Israel Cruz, Barry Southgate, Nufirm, Jedward. Our jackets have also been used for fashion editorials and by bloggers and stylists.

What is your minimum order quantity?2016-01-03T23:06:52+11:00

Because of the high level of customisation on our garments there are certain minimum order requirements that must be met. We normally only take orders of 25 units and over. However, there are also ways you can work around this. If you have a small grade we allow you to place a combined order for Year 11 & Year 12 with different numbers on the back to make up the minimum order of 25. There is no surcharge for having different numbers on the back.

Other options include doing a combo order of two styles so each student buys two garments. Or we can make up plain jackets to be used as school uniform or staff jackets.

What is your repeat order policy if I just want to order 1 additional jacket?2016-01-03T23:05:08+11:00

Once your mass order has been placed it is possible to place repeat orders with no minimum order quantity and no surcharge. This means if you or a student made a mistake with their name we can make a new jacket for them. Most other companies have a repeat order minimum of 10 and put a surcharge on top of the normal price. Other companies will also charge a surcharge if you add on additional jackets while your order is still in mass production. Our company allows you to add on while in mass production with no surcharge.

Are there any additional costs such as artwork set-ups or freight?2016-01-03T23:04:40+11:00

Freight and all set-ups are included in the price. There are no hidden costs.

Where will the Exodus Wear logo be placed on the garment?2016-01-03T23:04:08+11:00

Exodus Wear discreetly have their logo inside the garment on the woven neck tag. Our name is also on the zipper pull.

Does your price include GST?2016-01-03T23:03:12+11:00

Yes all of our pricing includes GST

Do you offer lining on the inside of the jacket?2016-01-03T23:02:30+11:00

Yes all our jackets come fully lined. We offer lining that you can have printed with any design. The most popular options are to print a muck-up photo and your student’s names. Exodus Wear are able to take the photo free of charge. You can also have plain lining if the student’s would prefer to sign their names on each other’s garments in permanent marker.

What decoration methods do you offer on the garment?2016-01-03T23:01:30+11:00

We use a variety of decoration methods to create the best aesthetic for the garment. School emblem is embroidered and the price includes the student’s proper name and class year embroidered on the front if you wish to include them. We applique your school initials and the number on the back to create the 3D look. The fabrics we offer for applique are felt, satin look, leather look and denim. The nickname is heat transferred on and can include up to 15 characters or symbols. We can also heat transfer text or basic artwork designs.

Where is your office located? Do you have staff in locally if I need to arrange additional meetings throughout the production process?2016-01-03T22:43:00+11:00

Our head office is located in NSW but we have staff located in NSW, Queensland, Melbourne and Western Australia. Our sales reps spend the majority of their time on the road visiting schools so they are available for multiple meetings throughout the production process.

Do you offer a free, no obligation pre-production sample?2016-01-03T22:45:42+11:00

Yes, Exodus Wear will make one free pre-production sample of your chosen design. The lead time is 3-4 weeks and it is obligation free so if you are not happy with it you are not required to place an order. We also allow you to make changes to the design for mass production after the pre-production sample has been made. We recommend ordering your sample early and then having it on display in the school to encourage students to bring in their money and submit their nickname. There is no timeframe that you have to place your order for mass production in once you receive the sample.

Will your company send a sizing kit to the school?2016-01-03T22:55:13+11:00

Our sizing kit covers from 6XS to 6XL however we do make sizes outside of this size range on request. We will send a sizing kit via courier at our cost and have it picked up when you are finished. We will send you a label that needs to be stuck on the box and then it can be left at the front office for collection. For our 6 piece tracksuit we can provide a sizing kit of all options or just the items you are planning on ordering.

For Sydney schools our sizing team can come to your school and size up the students for you. We normally send one female and one male sizing team member or two female sizing team members depending on availability. A large classroom or the library is the best place to use for sizing. We ask that you arrange the students into female and male lines. Our sizing team member will try a jacket or jersey on the student and provide a recommendation. We normally suggest one size up so that students can wear a jumper underneath in colder months as well as to allow for growing room. Ultimately the student can pick any size but it is not the responsibility of Exodus Wear if they choose to go for a smaller size. A staff member will need to be present to record sizes either directly onto our order sheet on a laptop or onto a printed roll call that will then need to be transferred into our order sheet and emailed to us.

When will we be required to pay a 50% deposit?2016-01-03T22:57:55+11:00

You are only required to pay a 50% deposit once you have seen and approved the pre-production sample and submitted your spreadsheet with your final order for mass production. We can provide an invoice with payment details. We accept cheque, EFT payments and credit card payments. We do not accept cash payments. If your school has a long payment cycle we can do an invoice for the 50% deposit based on an estimate and then for the balance payment we can adjust the amount to be the correct quantity.

Does your fabric fade?2016-01-03T22:59:04+11:00

Exodus Wear dye and treat our own fabric with colour fastness of a minimum level 4 – 4.5 as well as applying a UV treatment. We dye in large batches and hold our fabric in stock to assure consistency and the best quality. Most companies will purchase material from the marketplace in China which often only has a colour fastness grade of 3 – 3.5 and as they have not dyed it themselves there are no guarantees on the treatments used. There is also greater risk of colour inconsistency between the mass order and any repeat orders placed when purchasing fabric on separate occasions.

Do your baseball jackets include buttons and a zipper? Are the pockets zippered?2017-02-20T02:29:04+11:00

Yes our jackets have a zipper and metal buttons as well as zippered pockets but you can choose to just have buttons or a zipper.